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stds-802-16: Good-bye, sort-of

Hello 802.16 colleagues,

I have taken a position with a new company, and unfortunately they do
not do anything wireless.  So, I must significantly scale-back my
involvement in 802.16.  Specifically, I withdraw my name from
consideration as vice chairman and I probably will not attend many
meetings in the future.  But I will remain available to help with
editorial and process-oriented issues and monitor the 802.16 email

I thank all of the 802.16 members and observers for a great experience
and education they have given me over the last almost-two-years.  In
many ways, I am sorry to leave active 802.16 membership.  It was hard to
"give up" when we are now so close to publishing a standard.  But
foremost, I will miss the interaction with so many of you who are
experts your field.

If any of you wish to drop me a line, please do so:

Brian Petry
Astute Networks
760-736-3663 x202