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stds-802-16: WirelessHUMAN discussion session on Monday night

I'd like to, once again, remind you of the discussion session on 
"Implications of the proposed WirelessHUMAN PAR on the 802 wireless 
program" next Monday night from 8:00-9:30 pm 
<http://ieee802.org/16/human/WirelessHUMAN_tutorial2.pdf>. I will 
coordinate and moderate.

Some 802 participants apparently believe that this PAR is not in the 
best interests of 802; others believe that it would be better off 
within 802.11 <http://ieee802.org/16/human/par_comments.html>. The 
disposition of the PAR lies with the 802 Executive Committee.

I believe that the Monday evening session will strongly influence the 
outcome of the PAR. I have asked our WirelessHUMAN team to prepare 
presentations, and I set up a web area 
<http://www.egroups.com/group/wirelesshuman> for this purpose. So 
far, I haven't seen many signs of life on this topic.

If anyone cares to speak on behalf of the current WirelessHUMAN PAR 
and/or present responses to concerns that have been raised, I suggest 
that you prepare a presentation and ask me for agenda time. It would 
certainly help if the WirelessHUMAN team would organize a coherent 
presentation or set of presentations, but that remains up to the 
Study Group to organize.

I think that the current situation calls for a serious response to 
the issues by those who support the PAR; anything less may endanger 
its success.


P.S. Here (again) is my suggestion for the WirelessHUMAN Study Group 
agenda at Session #10:
   -Mon afternoon and up to 8 pm: organize for the evening session
   -Mon 8-9:30 pm: advocate a position and look for common ground
   -Tue: discuss reactions to the meeting and develop a revised position
   -Tue at 5 pm: distribute comments received by other WGs
   -Wed by 4 pm: prepare response to comments of other WGs
   -Wed by 4:30 pm: get WG to approve revised PAR at WG Midweek Plenary
   -Wed by 5:00 pm: get revised PAR into boxes of 802 ExCom members
   -Thu before 3 pm: prepare Call For Proposals as described in PAR
   -Thu 3-5 pm: get plans approved at 802.16 Closing Plenary
   -Thu night: attend 802 ExCom meeting during WirelessHUMAN motion