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stds-802-16: Published: Outline of PHY Proposal for MMDS Communications[Revised]

[According to the authors, the only change in this revision is the 
addition of several contributors.]

Title: Outline of PHY Proposal for MMDS Communications [Rev. 1]

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.3c-00/37r1

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/contrib/802163c-00_37r1.pdf>

Source: Yonatan Manor <mailto:yonatan@oren.co.il>
         Anish Tolia
         Alan Frank
         Chet Shirali <mailto:cshirali@vyyo.com>
         Menashe Shahar <mailto:mshahar@vyyo.co.il>
         Howard Sandler
         Chris Tappenden <mailto:ctappend@nortelnetworks.com>
         Eric Jacobsen <mailto:eric.a.jacobsen@intel.com>
         John Sanford <mailto:jsanford@remecmagnum.com>