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stds-802-16: RE: RE:802.16.3 Initial PHY Evaluations - revision

This is to correct my previous message.  The new voting deadline is not
Friday, November 17.  As stated in the instructions, the revised deadline
date for vote submission is Monday, November 20.  Sorry about that.

Brian K

>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Kiernan, Brian G.  
> Sent:	Tuesday, November 14, 2000 12:49 PM
> To:	'stds-802-16@ieee.org'
> Subject:	RE:802.16.3 Initial PHY Evaluations
> 802.16 Members and Observers,
> At session #10, Task Group 3 reviewed 20 initial proposals for an 802.16.3
> PHY standard.  These proposals, which are posted on the 802.16 web site,
> are being scored for purposes of being invited back to the next session to
> present a more detailed proposal.  All members and observers of the 802.16
> Working Group are eligible to vote, but only member votes will count for
> purposes of the invitation. 
> The final 802.16.3 PHY scoring sheet has been posted to the 802.16 web
> site.  This sheet differs slightly from the version provided at session
> #10.  Although it is preferable to submit your votes using this version,
> anyone who has already submitted their evaluation using the previous
> version need not resubmit.  You can find the updated form at:
> 	http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/docs/802163-00_19r1.xls
> There is an accompanying set of instructions, which explains the form,
> describes the process and provides the evaluation criteria.  This document
> is;
> 	http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/docs/802163-00_20r1.pdf
> Due to the delay in posting these documents to the web site, we have
> extended the deadline for voting to Friday, November 17.
> We look forward to receiving everyone's input and expect to post the
> results no later than Friday, November 24th.
> Brian Kiernan
> TG3 Chair