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WLAN/ CFA for Low Rate WPANs

The Low Rate WPAN PAR, 802.15.4, cleared another hurdle at the recent 802 Plenary Meeting in Tampa.  The 802 Executive Committee approved forwarding the PAR to NesCom for consideration at the upcoming meeting in December.  Anticipating a positive outcome,  attached to this email is a Call for Applications (CFA).

Preliminary to considering MAC and PHY proposals it is important to document the criteria that need to  met by an effective Low Rate Standard.  The the responses to the CFA form an important basis of information to generate the criteria.  These, in turn, become the basis of the Call for Proposals.

The Low Rate Group intends to operate on a fast paced schedule as the need for a standard in now, hence we are looking for response by the end of the year with the goal of hearing these submissions at the January Interim Meeting in Monterey.

Please submit your application descriptions to me at bheile@bbn.com or the LRSG Vice-Chairman, Pat Kinney at Pat.Kinney@intermec.com no later than December 31st 2000.  Also please forward the CFA to any interested parties you might know.




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