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RE: stds-802-16: Task Group 3 Initial PHY Voting Results Summary/Mediocrity?

Title: Task Group 3 Initial PHY Voting Results Summary
John I did meet a person who told me that he gave himself a perfect score.  His reasoning was that if he thought that an aspect of his proposal was not perfect he would have changed it. When it came to voting on his proposal from his perspective he definitely was not promoting mediocrity. I couldn't blame him for rewarding his exceptional choices and any choices that agreed with his view with a 10.  They were perfect by their  subjective definition.  It is interesting that you used the word mediocrity.  For that is what has happened here. Without any rules constraining how we voted, the proposals that passed the evaluation were along the statistical medium of the perspective of those that voted (the OFDM approach) which is what mediocrity denotes.

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I think that ommitting scores of 10 will tell us nothing.  I for one voted 10 when I thought a presenter demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the problem, or addressed the FRD in a particularly compelling manner.  Are we trying to promote mediocrity?
John Liebetreu
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Subject: stds-802-16: Task Group 3 Initial PHY Voting Results Summary


I have carefully examined the reported voting results.
Looking at the tables of the averages and the extreme scores,
I think that it may be very informative to calculate and publish the averages with both extreme scores excluded from the calculations.

Please ask Anader and/or David Trinkwon to replace every score of 10 and 1 by a blank, and redo the tables.
It will be very interesting to compare the scores with and without the extreme values.


P.S. This request has nothing to do with the fact that Session # 10 was held in Florida.