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WPAN/ Regulatory matters during January 2001 meetings

Dear 802.11, 802.15 and 802.16 members,

I plan to only attend the Meetings of 802.11 and 802.15. Unfortunately, I
cannot attend the 802.16 meetings.

I have given below the objectives of the meetings as far as regulations is

I plan to send all output documents to Roger Marks with the goal to elect
802.16 support.

Please note that there is a meeting of the US prep group for JRG 8A-9B and
JTG 1-4-8-9 on January 25, 2001.

Objectives of the January 15-19, 2001 meetings of the Regulatory groups of
802.11 and 802.15
To prepare position statements to Regulatory bodies:
- FCC's Industry Forum for changes in part 15.247
- Update of the ITU-R Rec. M1450, Radio LANs
- JRG 8A-9B
- JTG 4-7-8-9
- JTG 1-4-8-9

I have updated the WebPages (http://ieee802.0rg/Regulatory/) Thanks to Ian
Gifford for the useful suggestions for links)

Regards and the best wishes for your Holiday Season!

Vic Hayes
Lucent Technologies Nederland B.V.
Zadelstede 1-10
3431 JZ  Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 609 7528 (Time Zone UTC +2 in summer time)
FAX: +31 30 609 7556
e-mail: vichayes@lucent.com
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