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stds-802-16: TG2 working group letter ballot - reminder

To all 802.16 members;
I encourage you to register your vote in the TG2 working group letter ballot on the "Recommended Practice for Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Systems" . The ballot closes on 27th December, and all members should vote using the Balloting Tool, available on the website under the TG2 page. I know that TG2 is a relatively small group  but we do need everyone in 802.16 to support us in the ballot procedure.
Now that we have subject - specific email reflectors, I also request that Task Group 2 participants wishing to participate in the comment resolution process subscribe immediately to the TG2 reflector (send a message to majordomo@majordormo.ieee.org including the text "subscribe stds-802-16-tg2" in the main body of the message - more details on this appeared in Roger's recent email).
I will circulate proposals for the comment resolution procedure shortly, via  the TG2 reflector.
Phil Whitehead
TG2 co-chair
Radiant Networks Plc
tel +44 1799 533600
fax +44 1799 533601
mobile +44 7932 068782