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stds-802-16: Published: Draft Standard for Air Interface for Fixed BroadbandWireless Access Systems

Title: Draft Standard for Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless 
Access Systems

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1/D1-2000

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/private/drafts/tg1/802161_D1-2000.pdf>

Source: Task Group 1 (Glen Sater, Technical Editor)

Notes: This is the first version of the TG1 document to be designated 
a draft standard. Accordingly, it is marked with the IEEE Copyright 
and is available only to Members and Observers.

I'd like to thank Glen Sater for many, many hours over the holiday 
season editing and assembling this document from the work of TG1's 
Session #10.5. He made great improvements, even redrawing dozens of 
figures. Hats off to Glen!

A few items from Sessions #10 and #10.5 did not get incorporated due 
to time. We will post a comment resolution database soon.

TG1 seeks your comments. A format Call for Comments will be issued 
soon, with a probably deadline of 16 January. TG1 expects to initiate 
a formal Working Group Letter Ballot following Session #11.