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stds-802-16: MODIFIED Call for Reply Comments on Recirc Ballot #11a(P802.16d/D2)

I have posted a new version of the comment database:

which adds two additional comments (250 & 251) from Ofer Kelman. This 
were lost in some technical glitch.


>Recirc Ballot #11a closed on July 4. The voting report:
>includes 44 Approve and 11 Disapprove.
>IEEE 802.16 is now in the process of soliciting and collecting 
>responses to the 114 Recirc Ballot #11a comments (comments 136-249) 
>in IEEE 802.16-03/18r4 
>Replies are due by Wedneday 16 July AOE (Anywhere of Earth).
>To create and submit reply comments:
>(1) Obtain Commentary <>.
>(2) Unzip the Comment Report to get a ".USR" file, which will open 
>in Commentary.
>(3) Read the comments in Commentary. When you want to respond to a 
>comment, check "Marked" at the top of that record. Then fill out the 
>following fields:
>Proposed Resolution:
>Reason for Recommendation:
>You are justified in recommending rejection on grounds of 
>incompleteness or lack of a specific change request.
>(4) When you are finished entering replies, look under Scripts and 
>choose "Find Marked Records". This will find the records for which 
>you checked the "Marked" box.
>(5) Put your name in the "Recommendation by" field of each reply 
>{for a quick method, see Appendix at the end of this note.}
>(6) Under Scripts, choose "Export Clause Editor's Proposals". Choose 
>the file type "FileMaker Pro Runtime Files". Enter a file name of 
>the form "LB11_reply_Name.USR", where "Name" is your name.
>(7) Email the exported file as an attachment to 
>(8) Don't forget the deadline.
>(9) The creator of each original comment will be offered the 
>opportunity to generate a draft comment resolution and to lead the 
>comment resolution during discussion in the session (or appoint an 
>alternative person to do so).
>Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>
>Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
>National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO 
>tel: +1 303 497 3037  fax: +1 303 497 7828
>Appendix: Using "Replace" in Commentary
>You can replace everything in a particular field over a batch of 
>records. For example, clause editors might not want to type their 
>name in the the "Recommendation by" field each time. Here is a 
>solution to the problem illustrating the use of "Replace":
>*Finish entering your data.
>*Find the batch of records in which you want to replace a field.
>*In browse mode, and put the cursor in the "Recommendation by" field.
>*Under "Records", choose "Replace".
>*Choose "Replace with calculated result".
>*In the box, write, in quotation marks, your name. Click "OK".
>*Click "Replace".