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[STDS-802-16] +++IEEE 802.16 Letter Ballot #23 (on P802.16/Cor2) is now open+++

To:  IEEE 802.16 Reflector
bcc: IEEE 802.16 Working Group Members <>

IEEE 802.16 Working Group Letter Ballot #23 is now open, through 8 November 2006 AOE <>.

The ballot concerns the approval of a set of change requests (CRs) that are proposed for incorporation in the corrigendum draft P802.16/Cor2. The change requests were reviewed and marked as Ready for Ballot by the Maintenance Task Group.

This letter ballot is unusual in several ways. For one, we have no draft to review at this time. However, prior to completion of the final recirculation, we will have such a draft available. Another unusual aspect is that, per the Working Group Maintenance Process <>, we will need to vote individually on each of the CRs. The approval threshold for each CR is 75%. As usual, comments on the CRs may be submitted and will be subject to comment resolution at Session #46.

In order to accommodate this procedure, I have developed an entirely new version of the Commentary database tool, with new features. The new version, Commentary 2.0beta, is significantly improved over version 1.x. It has not been thoroughly tested, and it certainly has some bugs, so I'll be counting on you to provide feedback on errors or areas of improvement as we introduce it into the WG. I do believe that that aspects of the program required for LB#23 are working fine.

To participate in LB#23, first download Commentary2.0beta from this link:
Unfortunately, it's a large file.

When you unZIP the download, you will find a folder with several files inside. Any Commentary database you wish to run needs to be inside this folder. The download includes a blank file MyCommentary.CMT that you can use in future ballots. You can duplicate this file as you wish. However, to participate in LB#23, you need to also download a database of the CRs being balloted. You can find that here:

When you unZIP this file (as 80216-06_057.CMT), you can open it in Commentary. Remember that you need to put in the main Commentary folder that you unZIPed. In some cases, your operating system may have a hard time finding the correct application with which to open 80216-06_057.CMT. If you have trouble, one easy solution is to simply drag-and-drop 80216-06_057.CMT onto the main Commentary application file ( Commentary.exe or

The database has 532 comments subject to vote. The Maintenance TG marked ten of these (0200, 0380, 0384, 0385, 0498, 0499, 0550, 0642, 0654L, and 0656L) as "May need further harmonization". This note is apparent in the "Group Notes" field. You can see this field if you choose "Review Processed Comments" on the "What Next?" screen.

If you are Working Group member <>, remember that "Membership shall be lost if two consecutive, or two of any three consecutive, Working Group letter ballots for which the member was eligible are not returned or are returned with an abstention other than for 'lack of technical expertise'." LB#23 is one ballot, not 532.

Commentary will export your ballot data as a file "BallotID_FAMILYNAME_GIVENNAME.cmtv", saved in your Commentary folder. As noted in the Commentary screen, you need to edit this file name, replacing "BallotID" with "LB#23" and inserting your name as indicated. Then, upload the file to <>.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Roger B. Marks
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access