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[STDS-802-16] News: IEEE 802.16 joins IMT-2000

Dear Colleagues and Friends of IEEE 802.16,

I write inform you that the ITU Radiocommunication Assembly has just  
granted final approval, by consensus, of an update to Recommendation  
ITU-R M.1457, the IMT-2000 specification. The update includes a new  
sixth radio interface, "IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN", that is based on a  
normative reference to IEEE Std 802.16. In other words, IEEE Std  
802.16 is now part of the IMT-2000 family.

The RA also approved, by consensus, updates to two other  
recommendations (M.1580 and M.1581) to include recommendations on  
unwanted emissions from IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN base stations and  
mobile stations. In all three cases, the RA added additional non- 
technical notes to the recommendations. The note to the M.1457  
revision includes a statement from one Member State indicating that  
it did not agree to the approval. During the discussions, many Member  
States spoke out in strong support of the new radio interface.

This has been a long process, beginning over a year ago. I  
acknowledge and appreciate the diligent and painstaking efforts of  
many 802.16 members and friends to get us to this point.

Congratulations to the 802.16 community on this important recognition!



Roger B. Marks  <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <http://>