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[STDS-802-16] guidance on unofficial participation in IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot for P802.16j


P802.16j/D7 is now in Sponsor Ballot recirc, closing on November 7, 23:59 EST.

If you are a member of the Sponsor Ballot Group, you should have already been provided with instructions on participating using IEEE- SA's myBallot system. When the ballot closes, I'll transfer the comments transferred into Commentary format for WG review and resolution.

If you are not a member of the Sponsor Ballot Group, you are not entitled to vote. However, you may submit comments. These should be prepared in Commentary using the Ballot ID "sb_16j" and submitted to the "sb_16j" 802.16 upload directory at <>.

Sponsor Ballot Group members may also submit comments in Commentary according to this procedure. However, please be aware that no comments uploaded to the WG upload directories will be considered as part of a Disapprove vote. For any comment to be considered as a valid element of a DISAPPROVE VOTE, the comment must be entered into the myBallot database by the voter!

Finally, if necessary, your comments may refer to an uploaded contribution document. Contributions must follow the usual WG submission procedures <>. In order to ensure that all parties to the Sponsor Ballot are explicitly aware of your contribution and where to find it, it is essential that you refer to it properly, by document number (not by file name) in your comment. Upload your contribution to the "Relay" upload directory.