IEEE 802.16 Session #19 Registration Form

Use this form to register for Session #19.
Note: The registration badges have already been printed, so you will need to use a handwritten one.

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Register for Session #19. If you preregister by the deadline of April 29, your registration fee of US$150 will be payable on-site by credit card, check, or cash. Please cancel your registration immediately if your plans change! After April 29, the registration fee increases to $250.
Cancel registration for Session #19, or simply report that you won't be able to attend this time.

(3) Please answer the following:

Do you plan to stay at the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire? No Yes. {If so, you should reserve a room immediately}.

Will you attend the Wednesday dinner hosted by Wi-LAN? No Yes

(4) Comments:


Your name and company may be posted on the publicly-available web site. It is 802.16 policy to keep your contact information confidential; it may be posted to the password-protected 802.16 site.

Upon submission, you should receive the message "Your form input has been noted. Thank you!"
If you have trouble, please email the relevant information to Heather Oake (fax: +1 403 273 5100).

To confirm your registration, see the preregistration list.

Updated: 30 April 2002

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