802.16 Issues for Friday 802 SEC Meeting

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Documentation for 802.16 Chair's Issues at 802 LMSC SEC Meeting of Friday 15 November
Agenda Item
Agenda Type
SEC Result ("Yes/No/Abstain")
5.17 ME* 1802.16.2 to NesCom Approved  unanimously
5.18 ME* 802.16d to NesCom Approved  unanimously
5.03 ME 802.16e to NesCom Approved 8/2/3
5.21 ME 802.16c/D4 to RevCom Approved 12/0/0
5.25 ME 802.16.2a/D3 to Sponsor Ballot (conditional approval) Approved 10/0/2
5.25.1 ME 802.16a/D7 to RevCom (conditional approval) Approved 12/0/0
5.34 MI Extension of Mobile Wireless MAN SG (in case of PAR failure) Withdrawn
5.50 DT 802 Handoff Tutorial and followup Call for Interest Oral Report
5.54 II 802 Survey: initial report Oral Report
5.58 II IEEE 802 News Bulletin Oral Report
* = consent agenda

ME=Motion External; MI=Motion Internal; DT=Discussion Topic; II=Information Item
Roger Marks (r.b.marks@ieee.org)
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards