The IEEE 802.16ú WirelessMANú Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access creates standards and practices that support the development and global deployment of broadband wireless metropolitan area networks for multimedia services. <>

IEEE 802.16 Holds January Session #23 Alongside Wireless Communications Association
The 802.16 Working Group held its January 2003 Session #23 in San Jose, CA, USA in conjunction with the annual Technical Symposium of the Wireless Communications Association.

IEEE Standard 802.16a, Extending WirelessMAN Air Interface to 2-11 GHz, Receives Final Approval
IEEE Standard 802.16a was approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 29 January 2003. The standard, a non-line-of-sight extension of the global IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN standard for 10-66 GHz published in April 2002, provides for fixed broadband wireless access (BWA) in both licensed and license-exempt 2-11 GHz bands. Publication of the standard is expected in late March 2003.

IEEE 802.16 Holds March Session #24 with 802 Plenary
The 802.16 Working Group held its March 2003 Session #24 in Dallas, TX, USA in conjunction with the 802 Plenary Meetings.
Highlights of the session follow:

About IEEE 802.16
For additional details on these items, see the full 802.16 Session #24 Report, or contact Roger Marks, IEEE 802.16 Chair, at An index of published IEEE 802.16 standards and drafts is available.

Upcoming IEEE 802.16 Meetings:
* 12-15 May 2003 -- IEEE 802.16 interim meeting in Singapore in conjunction with meetings of the other 802 wireless groups
* 21-24 July 2003 -- IEEE Plenary Meeting in San Francisco, CA, USA

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