IEEE 802.16 Issues for 802 LMSC EC Meeting of Friday 19 November 2004

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Documentation for 802.16 Issues at 802 LMSC EC Meeting of Friday 19 November 2004
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ME Motion: To approve submittal to NesCom of the 802.16h PAR and approve the associated Five Criteria

Motion: Marks / Second: Shellhammer

PAR Title: Improved Coexistence Mechanisms for License-Exempt Operation

Note 1:Unchanged from version submitted according to 30 day rule.
Note 2: Comments and responses are available.
ME Motion: To approve IEEE L802.16-04/37r1, with the intent to submit to ITU-R as an IEEE contribution, subject to editorial revision

Motion: Marks / Second: Hawkins

Background: See note to EC reflector from EC Chair.
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802 PARs For Approval
Roger Marks (
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards