IEEE 802.16 Session #35 Attendance Form

Three cheers to Nikhil Goel for the vastly improved attendance submittal process!

Use this form to claim attendance/participation credit for IEEE 802.16 Session #35.

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Check your current attendance credits by opening the attendance credit list.

(1) Your Name
(1a) Select your name:

(1b) If your name does not appear on the registration list above, then:


If you enter a name manually, you MUST ensure that no name is showing in (1a). The words "Registration List" must appear there.

(2) Meeting
Select the name of the group whose meeting you are currently attending:
Note: If the group selected above is NOT MEETING when you submit the form, you will not receive credit.

(3) Session Interval
You may submit this form during any of the 10 intervals:

(4) Certification of Attendance
Submittal: As the person submitting this form, I certify that:

  1. The name shown above in (1) is my name. DO NOT SUBMIT FOR OTHERS!
  2. At the time of submittal, I am currently in the meeting shown above in (3).
  3. I am attending an 802.16 session during "substantially all" of the current interval.
  4. I understand that my submittal will be ignored if I fail to follow the instructions in detail.

Upon submission, you should receive the message "Your form input has been noted. Thank you!"

Your name and company may be posted on the publicly-available web site. It is IEEE 802.16 policy to keep your contact information confidential, but it may be posted to the password-protected 802.16 site.

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