IEEE 802.16 Issues for 802 LMSC EC Meeting of Friday 17 July 2009

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Information Item: Liaison letters to TTA and ARIB

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9.03* ME Liaison to ITU-R WP5D: Update of Section 5.6 in Revision 10 of Recommendation ITU-R M.1457, Doc. 18-09-0083r1 (IEEE L802.16-09/0074r1) Approved
9.04* II Letter to ITU-R SG5 Counselor: Certification of references and transposition for M.1457 Rev. 9, Section 5.6, Doc. 18-09-0084r0 (IEEE L802.16-09/0075) Approved
9.05* ME Liaison to ITU-R WP5A: Response to liaison statement from WP5A on update of Report M.2116, Doc. 18-09-0085r1 (IEEE L802.16-09/0076r1) Approved
9.06* II Letter to ITU-R WP5D IMT-Advanced Workshop Convener: Intention to participate in 3rd Workshop on IMT-Advanced, Doc. 18-09-0086r1 (IEEE L802.16-09/0077r1) Approved

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ME=Motion External; MI=Motion Internal; DT=Discussion Topic; II=Information Item

Roger Marks (
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards