N-WEST News #11
National Wireless Electronic Systems Testbed (N-WEST)

January 7, 1999



As announced, the IEEE 802 Study Group on Broadband Wireless Access (Roger Marks, Chair) will hold its first meeting on January 13-15, 1999 in Orlando, Florida. This meeting will also serve as the third meeting of the N-WEST Supporting Companies. The primary purpose of the meeting is to prepare an IEEE Project Authorization Request (PAR) outlining plans for a "specification of interoperable Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) systems." The secondary purpose is to define an organization structure.

The meeting will be held jointly with:

Details, including registration information, are on the meeting web page. Over 220 people are registered for the three meetings. Since we have not been able to place each name with one of three groups, I have gather a listed (see below) of the 51 registrants I know to have expressed a significant interest in N-WEST. If you are attending the meeting and are not on the list, please let me know. We need to have a good estimate of the attendance in order to ensure sufficient meeting space.

Please check the meeting web page for logistical information, including driving and shuttle directions from the airport and a weather report. There is also news there about the Wednesday evening social reception (a dinner from 7-10 pm, spouses invited). The registration fee has been finalized at $130 (down from the estimated $200).


We now have fifty N-WEST Supporting Companies as we welcome:


On December 15, 1998, N-WEST Director Roger Marks met in a conference call with the Wireless Broadband Alliance of the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA). The call was arranged at the request of PCIA. Prior to the meeting, Barclay Jones (Vice President for Engineering of WNP Communications, Inc.) submitted comments about N-WEST and the 802 Study Group on BWA. Subsequently, PCIA also submitted written comments.



January 20, 1999
Roger Marks will present a talk on N-WEST to the Florida West Coast Chapter of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S).
January 21-22, 1999
Roger Marks will participate in the "LMDS Winners Forum" in Naples, Florida during a panel on technical standards.
February 23, 1999
Roger Marks will present a talk on N-WEST to the Dallas Chapter of MTT-S.
March 8-12, 1999
Next N-WEST meeting, in conjunction with IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting, in Austin, Texas.


  1. Adrian Hartman, Lucent Technologies
  2. Aldo Bolle, Ericsson
  3. Allan Evans, Netro Corpopration
  4. Amarpal Khanna, Hewlett-Packard Company
  5. Andrew T. Kreig, Wireless Communications Assn.
  6. Asif Rahman, Ericsson Inc.
  7. Brian Petry, 3Com
  8. Cherry Tom, AT&T
  9. Chris Cant, Telegen Ltd.
  10. Chris S. Brown, TRW
  11. Dave Schafer, Wavtrace
  12. Tom Magill, Stanford Wireless Broadband
  13. David J. Mallof, Broadband Ventures (Angel)
  14. David Palmer, Philips Broadband Networks
  15. Douglas A. Gray, Lucent Technologies
  16. Douglas Sward, Industry Canada
  17. Erik Schylander, Philips
  18. Erol Yurtkuran, Integrity Communications
  19. Francois Vigneron, Alcatel USA
  20. Frank Brand, mm-Tech, Inc.
  21. Gary Debeger, Eurobell
  22. Gene Robinson, Angel Technologies
  23. George Eisler, Chair, 802.3ab (1000Base-T)
  24. George Fishel, AMP Inc.
  25. George Tadros, Triton Network Systems
  26. Harold Teunissen, Lucent Technologies
  27. Hongming An, Nortel Networks
  28. Hossein Izadpanah, Hughes Research Laboratories
  29. Ignatius Lam, Nortel
  30. Leland Langston, Raytheon Systems Company
  31. Scott Marin, Bosch Telecom, Inc.
  32. Jack Van der Star, Belstar Systems Corp.
  33. Jim Mollenauer, Technical Strategy Associates
  34. Jay Klein, Ensemble Communications
  35. John Liebetreu, SiCOM, Inc.
  36. John Tremblay, Intraplex, Inc.
  37. Jose Costa, Nortel Networks
  38. Jung Yee, Newbridge Networks Corp.
  39. Karl Stambaugh, Motorola Inc.
  40. Keith Bromberg, WaveSpan Corporation
  41. Kris Kelkar, California Amplifier, Inc.
  42. Larry Bowers, Siemens
  43. Larry Watkins, LCC International Inc.
  44. Luc Boucher, Communications Research Centre (Canada)
  45. Marianna Goldhammer, BreezeCOM
  46. Masaaki Mitani, MMAC
  47. Mike Wolfe, Andrew Corporation
  48. Naftali Chayat, BreezeCOM
  49. Narisa Chu, C&W Systems, Ltd.
  50. Nicholas Colella, Angel Technologies Corp.
  51. Paul Chang, NTT Electronics (NEL)
  52. Peter C. Karlsson, Telia Research AB
  53. Peter Nohren, Ericsson Inc.
  54. Rami Hadar, Ensemble Communications
  55. Ray W. Sanders, CircuitPath Network Systems
  56. Remi Chayer, Harris Corporation
  57. Reza Ahy, BNA Systems
  58. Roger B. Marks, NIST
  59. Roland Svensson, Wavtrace
  60. Roy J. Hebert, AMP M/A-COM, Inc.
  61. Scott A. Lery, 3Com/USR
  62. Steve Brozovich, Filtronic Solid State
  63. Steven Farrell, Stanford Telecom
  64. Takehiko Tsutsumi, Motorola Japan
  65. Tatsunaki Hamai, Kyocera
  66. Tom Kolze, ComStar Communications
  67. Wayne Pleasant, Millitech Corporation
  68. William Myers, Bosch Telecom, Inc.
  69. Zev Bogan, AMP M/A-COM, Inc.

Dr. Roger Marks (marks@nist.gov)