IEEE 802 Study Group Procedures

from LMSC Operating Rules, rev. 11/13/98, p. 15-16

5.3 Study Groups
Study groups are formed when enough interest has been identified for a particular area of study such as a new access method or modified use of an existing access method. Two types of Study Groups are specified:

  1. An Executive Committee Study Group (ECSG) is initiated by vote of the Executive Committee and the ECSG Chair is appointed and approved by the Executive Committee. The ECSG Chair has the same responsibilities as a Working Group Chair as specified in but does not have Executive Committee voting rights. {The Study Group on Broadband Wireless Access is an ECSG.}
  2. A Working Group Study Group (WGSG) is initiated by vote of the Working Group or TAG and approved by the Executive Committee. The WGSG Chair is appointed and approved by the Working Group or TAG.
The Study Group shall have a defined task with specific output and a specific time frame established within which they are allowed to study the subject. It is expected that the work effort to develop a PAR will originate in a ECSG or WGSG. A Study Group shall report its recommendations, shall have a limited lifetime, and is chartered meeting-to-meeting. After the Study Group recommendation(s) has been accepted by the parent body, the Study Group will be disbanded no later than the end of the next Plenary Session.

The decision of whether to utilize an existing Working Group or TAG, or to establish a new Working Group or TAG to carry out work items recommended by a Working Group shall be made by the Executive Committee with due consideration of advice from the Study Group.

5.3.1 Study Group Operation
Progress of each Study Group shall be presented at opening and closing Plenary meetings by the Working Group, TAG, or ECSG Chair. Study Groups may elect officers, other than the Chair, if necessary and will follow the general operating procedures for Working Groups specified in and 5.1.4. Because of the limited time duration of a Study Group no letter ballots are permitted.

5.3.2 Voting at Study Group Meetings
Any person attending a Study Group meeting may vote on all motions (including recommending approval of a PAR). A vote is carried by 75% of those present and voting "Approve" or "Disapprove."