802.16 Task Group 1: Clause Editors

TG1 has assigned Clause Editors to be responsible for the editing of specific section of the TG1 draft. These Editors are:
Clause or Subclause Editor
General Technical Editor Roger Marks
IEEE Staff Project Editor Andy Ickowicz
0 Introductory Material Roger Marks
1 Overview Roger Marks
2 Normative References Roger Marks
3 Definitions Jose Costa
4 Abbreviations and Acronyms Jose Costa
5 Service Specific Convergence Sublayers Carl Eklund
5.1 ATM Ken Stanwood
5.2 Packet [vacant]
6 MAC Sublayer Carl Eklund
6.1 MAC Service Definition Ken Stanwood
6.2 Data/Control Plane Carl Eklund
6.2.1 Addressing and Connections Carl Eklund
6.2.2 Message Formats Sergio Licardie
6.2.3 Transmission of MAC PDUs Ken Stanwood
6.2.4 Uplink Service Ken Stanwood
6.2.5 Bandwidth Allocation and Request Mechanisms Ken Stanwood
6.2.6 MAC support of PHY layers Carl Eklund
6.2.7 Network Entry and Initialization Juan Carlos Zuniga
6.2.8 Ranging Ken Stanwood
6.2.9 Quality of Service [vacant]
6.3 Management Plane Carl Eklund
7 Security Sublayer Carl Eklund
8 Physical Layer Jay Klein
8.1 PHY SAP Vladimir Yanover
8.2 Data/Control Plane Jay Klein and Lars Lindh
8.3 Management Plane Jay Klein and Lars Lindh
9 Configuration File [vacant]
10 Parameters and Constants [vacant]
11 TLV Encodings Sergio Licardie
12 Bibliography Roger Marks
not yet assigned Stanley Wang

Former Clause Editors:
Phil Guillemette
Vicente Quilez

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