IEEE Std 802.16.1-2001: Errata Reports

IEEE Std 802.16.2 was published on 10 September 2001.

Here is a list of reported errors. These errata may be submitted for balloting and adoption in amendment 802.16.2a to IEEE Std 802.16.2. To submit additional errata reports, please notify the Working Group Chair.

Technical issues with IEEE standards may be addressed through the use of interpretations. These need to be approved by Working Group 802.16.

NOTE: One approved interpreation of this standard is available.

IEEE Std 802.16.2-2001: Errata Reports

Comment Number First Name Last Name Starting Page Number Starting Line Number Subclause Comment Remedy
1 Lamp Lee 14
5.2 I found the name, Interference sources to a fixed BWA BS, of Figure 1 on page 14 is irrelevant to the context it presents. And that name is the same with Figure 3 on page 17. Editor suggests to rename the figure "Reference Diagram". This title was used in an earlier draft. The change was an editoral error that was not noticed in balloting.
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