802.16.2 Interim Meeting

12-14 June 2000
Chimo Hotel
1199 Joseph Cyr Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
tel: 1-800-387-9779 or +1-613-744-1060
fax: +1-613-744-7845
Room rate: $99(Canadian)/night

The 802.16.2 (Coexistence) Task Group will hold an interim meeting in Montreal on 12-14 June 2000.
[This is not a general meeting of 802.16 or a meeting of any of its other subsidiaries.]

The purpose of the meeting is to resolve discrepancies in the current working draft of the practice and review additional modeling results.

Monday, June 12 Open 1:00 pm
Adjourn 5:30 pm
Tuesday, June 13 Reconvene 8:30 am
Adjourn 5:30 pm
Wednesday, June 14 Reconvene 8:30 am
Adjourn 3:00 pm

If you plan to attend this meeting, please notify the 802.16.2 Chair, Leland Langston, in order to ensure adequate space and accommodations.

802.16.2 Membership List
If you consider yourself an 802.16.2 (Coexistence) Task Group member and have attended at least some portion of this Task Group's meeting(s) recently, please reconfirm your interest as a member by notifying the 802.16.2 Chair, Leland Langston.

The meeting will be hosted by:

Vito Scaringi
Microwave Communications Division
3 Hotel de Ville
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
Canada H9B 3G4
tel: +1-514-421-8360
cell: +1-514-824-4768
fax: +1-514-421-0979

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