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[802.19] Procedure for Electronic Vote on Motions



                I wanted to clarify the procedure for holding an Electronic vote on a Motion.  TG3 may want to make some motions to the WG to progress the Draft.


                The WG P&P allows voting between meetings.   See Section 7.2,




                The procedure I will follow to start an electronic vote on a Motion is as follows.


Start of a Motion

  • To Start a motion I need the following from the person who wants to make the motion
    • Exact Text of the Motion
    • Mover
    • Seconder
    • The exact wording of the motion could be discussed on a TG3 conference call in order to get the working right


Holding the Motion

  • We would run the motion using the IEEE ePoll tool
  • The motion would be set to run for 10 day
  • All WG voting members could vote


Once the ePoll is complete I will announce the results.





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