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[802.19] Electronic Motions



                We have two Electronic Motions regarding the TG3 Draft.   The two motions are below.  I will ask our Vice Chair (Tuncer) to start two 10-day ePoll ballots on these motions.





Motion #1

Move that 802.19 WG start a WG Electronic Ballot recirculating Draft P802-19.3-D03 to approve to forward document P802-19.3-D03 to Standards Association Ballot.


Move: Ben Rolfe

Second: Jianlin Guo


Motion #2

Move that 802.19 WG approve the formation of a Comment Resolution Committee (CRC) for the WG balloting of the P802.19.3_D03 with the following membership:  Benjamin Rolfe (Chair), Jianlin Guo, Kazuto Yano,  Takenori Sumi, Shoichi Kitazawa and Joerg Robert.


The 802.19.3 CRC is authorized to approve comment resolutions, edit the draft according to the comment resolutions, and to approve the start of recirculation ballots of the revised draft on behalf of the 802.19 WG. Comment resolution on recirculation ballots between sessions will be conducted via reflector email and via teleconferences announced to the reflector as per the LMSC 802 WG P&P.


Move: Ben Rolfe

Second: Jianlin Guo



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