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Re: SEC Rules Change Ballot---Nikolich=DISAPPROVE


I will support decoupling.

I oppose reducing the time.


At 03:53 PM 2/20/00 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Altough I appreciate Bill's attempt to improve the accuracy and precision
>of this part of the rules, I vote Disapprove on this rules change--mainly
>because it buries the original intent of the change and became too
>Remember, the original intent (going back to Nov. 1998!) of this rules
>change was to SIMPLY reduce the turn around time for letter ballots and
>recirculation ballots (to 35 and 15 days from 40 and 20 respectively) to
>account for the lower latency of electronic balloting.  
>All the other text has been introduced as a result of a secondary issue;
>clarifying the definition and constraints of voting at meetings versus
>letter ballots.
>Given the pace of technology development in our industry, the pressure
>improve the speed of the standards development process has increased.
>Hence we need to reduce the turn around time of our ballots (while
>maintaining high quality) immediately.  I suggest we decouple the reduction
>of ballot turn around time from the other issues and focus on changing only
>that part of the rule.  
>Furthermore, I suggest we reduce letter ballot time to 30 days and
>recirculation ballot time to 10 days.
>--Paul Nikolich
>At 12:10 PM 2/20/00 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>>Many of us are delinquent (myself included) in casting our votes on the
>>rules change ballot issued by Bill Lidinsky in November (see below).
>>Please review the suggested rules change and cast your ballot immediately.
>>The following members of the SEC have already voted:  Bob Love (dis), Roger
>>Marks (dis), Geoff Thompson (dis)--everybody else, please vote!!!
>>>Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:05:17 -0600
>>>From: Bill Lidinsky <>
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>>>Subject: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot
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>>>At the SEC meeting in Kauai on Thursday 11 November 1999 the SEC 
>>>approved submitting this IEEE 802 Operating Rules change to ballot.
>>>The proposed Rules Change deals with changes to the process for voting 
>>>procedures for a Working Group on procedural issues and technical 
>>>issues at 802 Plenaries, interim Working Group meetings, and in 
>>>between Plenary meetings.  The changes involve the following sections:
>>> Chair's Function
>>> Voting on Technical Issues
>>>In addition there are minor changes to two other sections so that they 
>>>refer to the above two sections correctly.  These two other sections 
>>>3.6.1 Initiation of Proposed Rules Changes
>>>  Rights
>>>Attached is a pdf file showing the relevant clauses of the latest P802 
>>>Operating Rules (November 1998) with the changes indicated.  
>>>Strikethrough text is deleted.  Underlined text is added.  All other 
>>>text is as it exists in the current rules document. This text was 
>>>presented and discussed at a P802 Operating Rules meeting on Sunday 
>>>night, 7 November 1999 in Kauai at the beginning of the 802 Plenary.  
>>>It was further iterated upon during the week of the plenary.  This 
>>>proposed rule change represents the output of this process.
>>>This ballot opens on 12 November 1999.  It will close 30 days before 
>>>beginning of the March 802 plenary (Friday 4 February 2000).
>>>For your reference the current 802 rules URL is
>>>    ""
>>>          Please vote early and often, 
>>>          Bill Lidinsky, 802.1 Chair
>>>          630-840-8067
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