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Re: Kill the Friday Plenary Rule Change

Howard -

I can understand (and sympathize) with your feeling of urgency in getting 
this decided; however, as this is a rule change, I believe according to 
current operating rules, the SEC ballot doesn't start until the proposed 
change has been distributed to the membership.

So as of this moment, there is no motion on the table to ballot on.  Hence, 
no votes.

Buzz - what's the hold up here?


At 13:48 11/05/00 -0700, Howard Frazier wrote:

>Dear SEC members,
>We have an open email ballot running on the subject of a rules change
>that would permit us to stop holding friday morning closing sessions
>during 802 plenary weeks.  The proposed rule change can be found at:
>The ballot is due to close on June 1st, but I encourage you to
>vote as soon as you can, as in now.
>The tally to date (courtesy of Paul Nikolich) is:
>Carlo           App
>Rigsbee         App, but delaying action on general distribution
>Frazier         App, enthusiastically
>Grow            comments-- but no vote yet
>Jeffree         comments--requested general distribution
>Love            comments-- but no vote yet
>invalid vote:
>Benson          App
>general comment:
>Montague        questions wisdom of removing Thus 12am SEC meeting deadline.
>Please read the proposed rule change, and cast your ballot.  You don't
>really want to have Friday closing plenary meetings, do you?