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Re: Move 802.5 to Hibernation Status

Additional votes received (via the reflector):

Ivan Oakley:  Approve
Bob Ross:     Approve
Paul Kolesar: (Abstain)
Andy Fierman: Approve

Paul Kolesar, Sharam Hakimi, Mick Hanrahan and Scott Valcourt are not voting
members.  Accoring to my records then, there were 7 Approves, 0 Disapproves,
0 Abstentions from voting members.

My calculation shows that if the committee is hibernated before July, the
final voting membership list will be:

Andy Fierman
Simon Harrison
Neil Jarvis
Ivar Jeppersen
Robert Love
John Messenger
Ivan Oakley
Karl Reinke
Bob Ross

Best regards,
        -- John
John Messenger (
Consultant Development Engineer, First Fibre Ltd
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At 12:48 PM 6/2/00 -0400, RDLove wrote:
>All, attached is the original motion sent to the IEEE 802.5 reflector on
>May 3rd requesting that the SEC move the Token Ring Working Group to a
>hibernation status prior to the start of the July plenary meeting.  I
>received 7 replies to this motion, all APPROVE, from 
>Sharam Hakimi
>Mick Hanrahan
>Simon Harrison
>Neil Jarvis
>Robert Love
>John Messenger
>Scott Valcourt
>John Messenger, Andy Simon, and Karl Reinke, please double check my
>list.  Pleae let me know if I missed one or two replies as I was
>transitioning my email upon my retirement.  John, please follow up with
>a note to the SEC indicating which respondents have active voting rights
>on 802.5 and which do not.
>Jim Carlo, please initiate an email ballot to the SEC requesting it to
>approve moving the 802.5 Working Group to a hibernation status.
>Best regards.
>Robert D. Love
>Chair of IEEE 802.5  and
>President, LAN Connect Consultants
>email: <> 
>------------------Note to 802.5 reflector requesting that the working
>group move to a hibernation state.
>All, per the attached note I hereby open the ballot to request that the
>move the IEEE 802.5 Working group to a hibernation status  preceding the
>July IEEE 802 plenary meeting.
>I am interested in getting responses from voters and non-voters alike
>will forward the ballot results to the SEC indicating the voting results
>voters and separately by non-voters.
>If you would like to add a comment along with your vote you may do so.
>Again, per the attached note, the voting will close on May 19th.
>Here is the motion:
>Request the SEC place the 802.5 Working Group in Hibernation prior to
>July 2000 plenary meeting.
>Select one of the three options.
>(Comments optional)
>Name of person voting
>Please send your vote to the 802.5 reflector at:
> <> , and copy
> <> .
>Best regards
>Robert D. Love
>Chair IEEE 802.5
>Email: <>