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Status as of 6/13/2000 9:30AM EDT on the plenary rules change ballot

Dear SEC,

The ballot on "Kill the Friday Plenary" rules change officially closed June 1,
the tally to date is 9 App, 3 DNV.

Rembember a Did Not Vote (DNV) counts as a DISAPPROVE per the rules ballot
process.  Non-voters, please cast your ballot.

I will convene a rules meeting for Sunday night, July 9th, in LaJolla from
7 to 9pm, room TBD, to review the results and resolve comments.

Results to date:

1. Carlo		App 
2. Nikolich		App	
3. Rigsbee		App
4. Frazier		App
5. Grow		App
6. Jeffree		App
7. Thompson			DNV w/ comments
8. Love			DNV w/ comments
9. Kerry		App
10. Heile		App
11. Marks			DNV
12. Hayes		App

invalid vote:
Benson			App

non voter comments:
John Montague
Pat Thaler
Keith Amundsen
Floyd Ross

--Paul Nikolich