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Re: Comment on Minutes of March meeting


You have found a bug in the minutes.  Thank you for pointing this out.
I think that I can reconstruct what happened.

Jim Carlo presented a motion which said:

  Move to affirm the following SEC officers appointed by the chair

  Paul Nikolich - Vice Chair
  Buzz Rigsbee - Executive Secretary
  Howard Frazier - Recording Secretary
  Bob Grow - Treasurer
  Vic Hayes - Ex Officio voting member (Regulatory Ombudsman)

This was approved 6/0/5 under agenda item 4.20, moved by Heile,
seconded by Lidinsky.

I recorded the motion improperly in the minutes.  The motion is 
truncated after "Bob Grow".  I will fix this and repost the minutes.

To the best of my recollection, we DID NOT take up another motion
to define the responsibilities of your office.  This was discussed,
but not acted upon.  I will leave it up to Jim to decide whether he
wants to define your responsibilities himself, or entertain an SEC
motion, or handle this through a rules change.

I will update the minutes ASAP.


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I looked at the minutes made by Howard (good work Howard!) but I could not
find the motion we passed about the election of the functions included by
Jim Carlo for Buzz, Howard, Paul, Bob and myself.

Howard, could you please look into the material you collected and see if you
have the exhibit?

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