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RE: My proposed process for recommending changes to SEC ballots

Bob and Tony,

I have no problem with the attachment to e-mails. I am used to working with
documents with revision marks (please change the name of the document

The posting on the web site has its limitations: access is limited to a
small number of people having access rights.

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> ----------
> From: 	Tony Jeffree[]
> Sent: 	29 September 2000 10:07 AM
> To: 	RDLove
> Cc: 	Rigsbee, Everett O;
> Subject: 	Re: My proposed process for recommending changes to SEC
> ballots
> At 20:54 28/09/00 -0400, RDLove wrote:
> >Buzz, I am concerned about the size of the attachments and the ease of
> >reading them.  Therefore, I would like to recommend that we DON'T use MS
> >Word for  ballots, but rather, when we want to indicate changes do it as
> >follows:
> Bob -
> We have a web site - what's wrong with doing what we do for WG ballots - 
> placing the Word files on there & including a URL in the ballot 
> announcement?  I agree with Buzz - using the change tracking facilities in
> Word would make it a lot easier to comment on the text.  Commented
> versions 
> could then be posted on the website alongside the original.
> Regards,
> Tony