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Re: Low Rate PAR and 5c

Bob -

A couple of observations:

- I still think the choice of the term/acronym "Personal Operating Space 
(POS)" is somewhat unfortunate, given the other connotations that the 
acronym POS has. I have no immediate suggestions for an alternative; 
clearly, "Personal Interaction Space" has a similar problem... ;-)

- Looking at your "max 200 kbs" statement in the Purpose section of the 
PAR, is this simply a statement of intent with regard to the current 
project, or is it a long-term statement of the performance parameters of a 
WPAN device? If the latter, I wonder how long it will be before you decide 
that 200 kbs is too limiting.


At 17:24 01/10/00 -0400, Bob Heile wrote:
>To the SEC--
>Attached is the draft PAR and  5c for a low rate wpan created by the Low 
>Rate Study Group (LRSG).  These were approved by the 802.15 Working Group, 
>at its September meeting, for submission to the SEC for consideration and 
>action at the November Meeting in Tampa.  It is the intention of the LRSG 
>to hold a tutorial on the topic at the Tampa meeting.  Please direct any 
>questions or comments to Sean Middleton ( 
>, Pat Kinney ( 
>chair, or myself.
>Bob Heile
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