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[802SEC] +++revision of the non-conflicted EC membership regarding 802.20 matters by 15JUN2007+++

Dear EC members,

The makeup of the conflicted and non-conflicted classification of EC members requires updating as a result of my 1MAY2007 email request (  

As of the 12 March 2007, the conflicted/non-conflicted EC roster was as follows:

12 March 2007 conflicted/voluntarily recused EC members (7): 
Mat Sherman, Bob Grow, Stuart Kerry, Dr. Roger Marks, Steve Shellhammer, Vivek Gupta, and Carl Stevenson. 

12 March 2007 non-conflicted EC members (11): 
Nikolich, Thaler, Hawkins, O'Hara, Rigsbee, Jeffree, Heile, Takefman, Lynch, Greenspan and Thompson. 

Since then, Mike Takefman as been replaced by John Lemon as 802.17 Chairman and Pat Thale has requested recusal from 802.20 matters.  (per John's email I have tentatively classified him as non-conflicted.) I don't believe there should be changes in conflicted/non-conflicted status regarding the remainder of the EC members.

Therefore, I propose that as of 16JUN2007 the conflicted/non-conflicted EC roster be established as follows:

16JUN2007 conflicted/voluntarily recused EC members (8): 
Pat Thaler, Mat Sherman, Bob Grow, Stuart Kerry, Dr. Roger Marks, Steve Shellhammer, Vivek Gupta, and Carl Stevenson. 

16JUN2007 non-conflicted EC members (10): 
Paul Nikolich, John Hawkins, Bob O'Hara, Buzz Rigsbee, Tony Jeffree, Bob Heile, John Lemon, Mike Lynch, Arnie Greenspan and Geoff Thompson. 

If there are substantive objections to the above revised roster of conflicted/non-conflicted EC members, please notify me by 15JUN2007.  If there are no objections, the revised roster will be in force as of 16JUN2007.  If there are any objections, I will conduct an email ballot among the non-conflicted EC members to confirm the revised roster.

Furthermore, at the start of the July plenary session I will ask if any EC member believes their status regarding this matter has changed and we'll establish a revised roster as appropriate.


--Paul Nikolich

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