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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ Attendance of CENELEC representative at IEEE 802 March plenary


On January 16, 2015 2:01:08 PM MST, "Law, David" <dlaw@HP.COM> wrote:
Dear EC members,

One of the items that needs consideration in respect to Power over Ethernet is the self-heating of the cable due to it carrying power. While this was not something considered when twisted-pair cabling was originally specified as it was for data uses, and some excellent analysis was performed a few years ago during the IEEE P802.3at DTE Power Enhancements project, it was an area that was ripe for additional detailed study due to the ongoing work in IEEE P802.3at 4-pair power over Ethernet potentially increasing the power carried by the cable up to dissipation limits of installations. CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) took up this challenge with some impressive work performed, information about their initial work can be found at <>.

CENELEC p! lan to publish a Technical Report, TR 50174-99-1 'Information technology - Cabling installation - Remote powering', to report the data in the March timeframe, and with the IEEE 802 plenary in Berlin this would be an ideal opportunity for a CENELEC representative to provide a presentation of the data to the IEEE P802.3bt Task Force. As an EC member, under the provisions of IEEE 802 Chairs Guidelines for a fee waiver, I would therefore like to invite Mike Gilmore (affiliation e-Ready Building Limited) as an invited speaker to represent CENELEC and present the data and provide background information.

Mike is the Convenor of CENELEC TC215 Working Group 1 (cabling design) and Secretary of Working Group 2 (cabling installation). Mike has also been Convenor of both the Industrial Premises Task Group (responsible for ISO/IEC 24702) and the Cabling Implementation Task Group (CITG) within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, as well as the leader of the ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF) 362 for ! energy efficiency in broadband deployment with specific focus on data centres and leader of a second ETSI STF (439) covering operational Key Performance Indicators for energy management in broadband deployment.

Paul has therefore delegated the conduct of the EC electronic ballot on the following motion to me.

Thanks and best regards,


Move to approve a fee waiver for Mike Gilmore as a representative of CENELEC to attend the March 2015 Plenary Session.

Move: David Law
Second: John D'Ambrosia

Start of ballot: Friday 16th January
Close of ballot: Monday 26th January, 11:59PM AOE

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