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Re: [802SEC] reminder: IEEE 'next gen network' (aka 5G) -- request for input


To get the ball rolling, here is a paragraph for 802.24.

The 802.24 Vertical Applications TAG focuses on application categories that use IEEE 802 technology and are of interest to multiple IEEE 802 WGs. It develops white papers, presentations and other documents that describe the use of 802 standards in vertical applications. Currently, the TAG addresses the vertical application areas of Smart Grid and IoT.  Both of these areas have strong alignment with Next Generation or 5G networks. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a prime example of massive machine type communications, with networks connecting millions of smart meters.  Utilities currently operate control networks that provide ultra-reliable and low latency communications for SCADA and protection. These industries will have a strong interest in Next Generation networks that will provide additional options and performance improvements. Standards that enable flexible deployment and operation on both private infrastructure and commercial networks are particularly important. IEEE 802 standards support Smart Grid and IoT with different degrees of optimization for ultra-reliable and low latency communications and massive machine type communications.  The 802.24 TAG will continue to address these applications as "next gen network" standards are developed.

At 09:08 AM 1/4/2017, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear EC Members,
Please remember to respond to my request below. At least let me know if you'll provide input at some point in the near future.  Even though my request was to keep the description to one paragraph, it will be ok if you feel a few paragraphs are necessary, just strive to be as concise as possible.
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Subject: [802SEC] IEEE 'next gen network' (aka 5G) -- request for input
Dear EC Members,
I'm participating in the IEEE 5G initiative as the SA and Computer Society representative. One of the tasks I've volunteered for is to help lead the development of a Standards Roadmap.  Of course, 802 will play a prominent role in the roadmap.  The roadmap is under development and will take some time to coalesce into a draft document that is finished enough to share with you.  When it is ready, I'll be asking you to review it and provide feedback.
In the meantime, an IEEE 5G portal has been cobbled together,, one of the major sections under development is 'Standards' (see Right now the content in the standards section is a placeholder, it just points to a few elements of 802 and ComSoc standards that someone on SA staff identified.  I'd like the each of the 802 working group and tag chairs to draft a paragraph--no more than a few sentences that briefly describes the completed and in process work of the working group that is generally 5G related.
What does '5G related' mean?  I've defined it as follows:

Industry standards activities (within a ~5 year range initially) that map into three major 'next gen network (aka 5g)' usage scenarios:
a) Enhanced Mobile Broadband,
b) Ultra-reliable and low latency communications,
c) Massive machine type communications.
Please take some time to draft the paragraph (as described above). I will have your group summaries placed in the Standards portion of the IEEE 5G portal.  If you have links to your groups website that you think should be included--please feel free to add them.  Ideally, I'd like to have the draft text by 06JAN2017.
Thank you and Happy New Year all.
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Tim Godfrey
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