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[802SEC] Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal - Resent (non-confidential)

Dear EC Members,
I received the attached appeal brief yesterday evening.  It is an appeal to the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board concerning the findings of the 802.11ax dominance investigation and the subsequent 802 EC action we took.  JohnD, please post this to the appeals section of the 802 website.
Now it is up to the Standards Board to handle the appeal, no action is needed on our part that I am aware of.  It will be forwarded to the SASB Appeal Officers for review per IEEE SASB Ops Man Section 5.8 Appeals (  I will keep you posted on any developments
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Subject: RE: Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal - Resent (non-confidential)

Dear Paul and all,


Jana’s IT folks tell her it is impossible for her to take off the automatic confidentiality signature.


I am therefore re-sending the appeal brief, in her stead, without any confidentiality limitations.


Thank you for your consideration of this important matter,




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Subject: Re: Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal


Dear Jana,


I am unable to accept or consider your notice.


The confidentiality notice at the bottom of your email is in violation of the IEEE Standards Association's policy* (see IEEE Operations Manual Confidentiality Statements and Copyright Notices on Communications


Please resend the brief without the confidentiality notice so that I may accept it and distribute as appropriate.






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Subject: Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal

Messrs. Faure and Ringle:


Please find attached an appeal brief with accompanying appendix concerning the ineffective implementation of the remedy adopted by the IEEE-SA Standards Board at the close of the investigation into the 802.11ax dominance complaint. We will also be sending this document to administrator Ringle via overnight courier.




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Attachment: Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal (2017.01.05).pdf
Description: Appeal Brief and Appendix - SASB Appeal (2017.01.05).pdf