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Re: [802SEC] Proposed P&P, OM and WG P&P rule changes for July

LMSC P&P Comments:
Question? several of the links (in the hierarchy of rules for example) are in "No change" clauses with a "Field Code changed" -- what is that change?

3.1 Election or Appointment of Officers
    Clarify the "Standards Activities Board" with "IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board (C/SAB) and IEEE-SA "

3.3 Removal of Officers
     Consider adding to the end of the paragraph "Removal of the Sponsor Chair requires notification to the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board (C/SAB)."

4.2 Non-voting Membership
     I think that in the removal of a Non-Voting Member paragraph, " meeting in Executive Session" should be added at the end of the first sentence.

4.3 Voting Membership
   Do we allow "confirmation" outside of a plenary?  if not, then we should change the " If election/appointment and confirmation by the Sponsor occur outside a plenary session, that member receives voting rights immediately upon confirmation. " to " If appointment by the Sponsor occurs outside a plenary session, that member receives voting rights at the end of the plenary where confirmed. "

4.6 Other Membership Classes
    We have an " emeritus member" type designation in clause 4.2 Non-voting Membership - "Members Emeritus", but we do not provide a definition of the position.  Clause 4.6 should be the place to describe the position.

5.1 Executive Committee
  in the definitions  it says "An Executive Committee can include all the voting members of the Sponsor committee."
so why would we not say that in this clause?
"The Executive Committee is comprised of the members of the Sponsor (4.0)".
We call ourselves the 802 Executive Committee, so we should define it here IMHO.

3.3 Removal of Officers  vs 7.1.2 Actions Requiring Approval by a Two-thirds Vote
    We say in 3.3 " An officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote" but in 7.1.2, item e) includes an exception for "Chair".
    I believe that the exception should be removed in 7.1.2.

WG P&P Comments:
6.0 Meetings
  "  .... . A meeting agenda (including participation information) shall be distributed to all members at least 10 days in advance of a face-to-face meeting, and at least 5 days in advance for an electronic meeting ..."

This section also Defines "Meetings" as either in person, electronic or combination.  So elsewhere, we need to distinguish which type of meeting is being noted or the proper deadline for when an Agenda or meeting notice is to be posted.

3.4.1 Chair
    ...Responsibilities include...
r)    Ensure agendas are published at least 14 calendar days before a meeting
This is not possible for meetings that have only a 10 day notice.
So either we need to make a distinction of which meeting type and when the notice should be made.
 Suggestion change to "Ensure agendas are published by respective deadline (see 6.0)."

6.1 Quorum
    "A quorum shall be identified before the initiation of Working Group business at a meeting ...."
This clause adds a 2nd paragraph for when No Quorum is required, but we should still identify the quorum requirement as noted in the first paragraph.  Suggest either duplicating the first phrase in front of the new paragraph (2nd) or reword first paragraph to have a single sentence about identifying Quorum, and then the paragraph of what determines the quorum requirements or not. -- Establishing Quorum is the concept that is trying to be noted.

Slide Deck:
     Slide 6 - Vice Chair change from appointment to election - would need to expand the proposed text changes to the P&P.
     If the Sponsor is electing the VC, then why is there a separate Sponsor affirmation?
     if the Sponsor elects the Vice Chairs, then no affirmation is required as they are the one selecting by vote.

    Slide 11 - "2. Change the OM so that it is clear that the 75% approval threshold applies to technical matters only (i.e., not to technical matters)"
        This does not make sense...I think the parenthetical is supposed to be "not to procedural matters".

   Slide 13 - Badge requirements - this fixes my concern I had in March.


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On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 11:17 PM, James P. K. Gilb <> wrote:
Dear 802

I have put together proposed P&P and WG P&P based on the 2018 baselines.  They can be found at:

Other proposed changes for the P&P and OM can be found in:

Have fun.

James Gilb

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