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[802SEC] Summary of Consent Agenda Items Received

Title: Summary of Consent Agenda Items Received


Below is summary of request for consent agenda items.  Please review and make sure that your request is listed.  If not, please contact me immediately.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

John Messenger

q       PARs to NesCom (ME)

q       P802.1CF PAR extension: Recommended Practice for Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802 Access Network

q       P802.1Qcr PAR modification – Amendment: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping

q       P802.1Qcz PAR – Amendment: Congestion Isolation

q       P802.1Qdd PAR - Amendment: Resource Allocation Protocol

q       Drafts to Sponsor ballot (ME)

q       IEEE P802.1CF - Recommended Practice for Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802 Access Network

q       IEEE P802.1AS-Rev - Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications

q       Drafts to RevCom (ME)

q       P802.1AE-Rev – Media Access Control (MAC) Security

q       P802.1Xck - Port-Based Network Access Control Amendment: YANG Data Model

q       P802.1AC-2016/Cor 1 - Media Access Control (MAC) Service Definition - Corrigendum 1: Logical Link Control (LLC) Encapsulation EtherType

q       P802.1Qcy - Amendment: Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP) Extension to Support Network Virtualization Overlays Over Layer 3 (NVO3)

q       Liaisons (II)

q       Liaison to 3GPP RAN3 on P802.1CM TSN for Fronthaul

q       Liaison to MEF Forum on MEF CFM YANG

q       Liaison to OPC Foundation on IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project

q       Liaisons (ME)

q       Liaison response to ITU-T SG15 on CFM Data Models (re: LS123)

q       External Communications (ME)

q       Press release on 802.1CM-2018 publication

q       eBlast on IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project – TSN Industrial Profile

q       Items to SC6 (ME)

q       Drafts to SC6 for information under the PSDO: P802.1AS-Rev

q       Standards to SC6 for adoption under the PSDO:

q       802.1CM-2018, 802.1Q-2018, 802.1Qcc-2018, 802.1Qcp-2018, 802.1AR-2018, 802.1AC-2016/Cor-1, 802.1Qcy-2018, 802.1Xck-2018, 802.1AE-2018

David Law

q       ME: IEEE P802.3cb 2.5 Gb/s and 5 Gb/s Operation over Backplane to RevCom

Subir Das

q       Liaison of the following communication to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6, as responses to the comments received on the DCOR (Draft Technical Corrigendum) ballot on IEEE Std 802.21™-2017/Cor1  under the PSDO agreement.”

Steve Shellhammer

q       802.19.1Rev/D3 to RevCom

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