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Re: [802SEC] 1-3pm ET Tuesday 02 October 802 EC telecon/web reminder and call for agenda items

Paul let me know that Item 3 was supposed to cover "status update on the MyProject redesign project/program".

Accordingly, I've uploaded "myProject Redesign Report":

This covers the meeting that took place today. It's intended as a framework for the discussion of Item 3.


On Sep 25, 2018, 7:49 AM -0600, Paul Nikolich <>, wrote:
Dear EC members,

As announced at the July plenary session*, we will be holding a 802 EC telecon/web meeting from 1-3pm ET next Tuesday 02 October 2018.  

Please send your requests for agenda items to me, Jon Rosdahl and John D'Ambrosia.  As of today, I'm aware of one agenda item request from David Law regarding approving submitting P802.3cd to RevCom.

We will post the updated draft agenda and telecon/web connection instructions shortly.



* draft agenda announced at the July plenary session

Interim EC meeting                       –
Tuesday 2 Oct 2018 1-3PM ET
Initial Proposed Draft Agenda
1.Welcome/Intro/Approve Agenda             - Nikolich           5 min
2.Report: EC Action Item Summary          D’Ambrosia   10 min
3.The EC AdHoc                                      - Marks  15 min
4.Venue Issues:
1.Report: Nov 2018 Plenary Status      - Rosdahl     3 min
2.Report on 2021/2022 Future Venue Contract status  - Rosdahl           8 min
5.Formal Actions – Motions from WG Chairs
           6.Other Reports from WG Chairs

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