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[802SEC] IEEE-SA - Governance Training Opportunity

Dear EC,

IEEE-SA Governance is reaching out to more volunteers to familiarize them with the IEEE-SA Governance committees of AudCom, NesCom, and RevCom within the standards development process. They are once again offering a series of webinars, and if you think this would be helpful for you or any of your groups, please fill out the poll to pick a date and time. IEEE-SA Governance will send a calendar invite and Webex information to everyone who replies to the poll. Please feel free to share this information with others.

The sessions will all be the same, so you only need to pick one-time slot, but if you would prefer to hold the time for more than one, we will send the Webex information for each of them. We will offer more dates later in the year, too.

While the training won't be specifically geared towards any single Standards Committee, they will cover typical pitfalls to avoid, and provide tips that are relevant for everyone who is working on standards development. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

- an overview of where the Governance committees fit in the standards development process and how that fits into IEEE
- Roles of staff - describing what Governance PMs do and what OPM PMs do, and how this can help you
- a description of its role and list of current members
- submittal timeline and process
- explanation of the review process and what the committee will look for 
- key elements (i.e. for NesCom, looking closer at the PAR)
- Conventions and guidelines
- Comment resolution
- Maintenance cycle
- Related webpages and resources, including all of our contact information 

Here is the link to the time zone-enabled poll:

Thank you, and please let us know if you have questions,

Lisa Weisser (AudCom and NesCom)
Karen Evangelista (RevCom)


Jonathan Goldberg
Manager, Operational Program Management
IEEE Standards Association

p: +1 732 562 6088
c: +1 732 570 0116
f:  +1 732 562 1571

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