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[802SEC] Fwd: .18 action item on WRC agenda items (and ITU-R)

it appears the email below for my action item was not allowed or something. i will try again,

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Jay Holcomb <>
Date: Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 8:52 AM
Subject: .18 action item on WRC agenda items (and ITU-R)

hi all,

for my action item from 01oct, below is the summary and action cycles from a call on 25jun19, in response to the IEEE802 chair request on how we can improve our ability to contribute into WRC agenda items. and additional ways to keep up on what is going on at ITU-R was added later.


1.  present: Purva Rajkotia; Michael J. Lynch; Jonathan Goldberg; Vanessa Lalitte; Jay Holcomb


2.  summary:


a.  was able to walk through the WRC Agenda Items (AIs) generation process. 

                   i.   one item of note is the preliminary AIs come out 2 WRCs before.  e.g. WRC-15 had some preliminary WRC-23 AIs.

b.  also clarified the process of working the AIs, though the CPM1 and CPM2 meetings, and with that WRC is sovereign and will do what it wants in the meeting.

c.  for keeping up on progress on AIs leading up to a WRC, 2 areas to look at to start.

                   i.   the best way is make more visible about the webcasts for ITU-R appropriate study groups (SGs) and Working Parties (WPs), for IEEE 802 folks to attend.

                 ii.   working through the national/regional bodies is possible, but a few challenges to work through there.

d.  then in general for any ITU-R contributions, best to be there in person, otherwise it becomes an information document that may not be looked at.


3.  summary of open action cycles:


r  .18 chair can put in .18 meeting agendas, when appropriate ITU-R SG/WP webcasts are, and instructions on the call in, etc.

(have added weekly update/sharing what is going on at ITU-R, like we do for EU items.)

r  .18 needs to research further the USA/Canada/xxxxx WRC prep processes meetings etc., web sites to follow, can we dial in? etc.

(and who can do that.)


r  early 2020, after WRC-19, we can discuss the WRC-23 AIs and who we could approach, etc.

r  and start to work on IEEE 802 viewpoints on the WRC-23 Agenda Items


Jay Holcomb
IEEE 802.18
Itron, Liberty Lake (Spokane), WA

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