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[802SEC] change of time for 802 Orientation

I've had some discussion about the advisability of avoiding weekend hours for the 802 Orientation meeting. Also, at least one WG is thinking about a followup orientation directly related to that WG.

Based on this, I'm planning to reschedule the 802 Orientation meeting to Wed 8 July at 9:00 ET. Please let me know of any concerns.


On Jun 23, 2020, 11:13 AM -0600, Roger Marks <>, wrote:
Thanks, Jon. I plan to present the 802 Orientation myself. I've rescheduled it earlier on July 10 (10:00 ET) so it can reach a more widespread audience and so that newcomers can be better informed if they sit in on the EC Open Meeting. I'll arrange the Webex and calendar entries.

Regarding JTC1/ITU/Discussion, I'm happy to arrange Webex, calendar, and/or IMAT, but I'll await the request of the Andrew/Glenn/Paul. Andrew usually schedules JTC1 through 802.11, but we should make sure it's also visible to other WGs.


On Jun 23, 2020, 9:03 AM -0600, Jon Rosdahl <>, wrote:
The 2020 2020 July IEEE 802 Electronic Plenary Session in IMAT has been setup.
For each WG, you should include your Plenary meetings.
Currently the following have already been added:
IEEE 802 EC Electronic Opening Plenary Meeting
802 Newcomers' Orientation (Placeholder - Is this going to occur? -- Roger/Paul??) Friday 4pm ET after the EC opening
ISO/IEC/JTC!/SC6   (Placeholder  - Is this going to occur? -- Roger/Paul/Andrew??) Tuesday 1:30pm ET
802 ITU SC (Placeholder  - Is this going to occur? -- Roger/Paul/Glenn??) Wednesday 4pm ET
IEEE 802 Discussion Topics -- (Placeholder  - Is this going to occur? -- Roger/Paul??)Thursday 10:30 am
802 Chair's Office Hours - Thursday 23 July - 9-10am ET  - Confirmed
IEEE 802 EC Electronic Closing Plenary Meeting

802.1 (Thank you Jessy).
802.3 - Pending
802.11 - Pending - I am working with Robert Stacey to get it entered.
802.15 - Pending
802.18 -
Entered - 2 meetings - Thurs July 16 and July 23 at 3pm
Need Call in detail (webex meeting number?)
802.19 -
Entered - confirmed by Steve Shelhammer
Need Call in detail (Zoom meeting number?)

802.24 -
Entered - pending confirmation by Tim
Need Call-in Detail (Webex meeting number ?)

Have I missed anything?

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