2014-05 TGac Awards Photographs

See https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/dcn/14/11-14-0516-00-0000-may-2014-awards.ppt for the list of awards.

The current 802.11 working group chair (Adrian Stephens) presents Osama Aboul-Magd (Chair TGac) with his award
Joonsuk Kim (TGac Vice Chair)
David Xue Yang (TGac Secretary)
Robert Stacey (TGac Technical Editor)
Bruce Kraemer (IEEE 802.11 Working Group chair at time of approval of 802.11ac).
Vinko Erceg (PHY ad-hoc chair)
Minho Cheong (PHY ad-hoc chair)
Alan Zhu (MAC ad-hoc chair)
Jae Seung Lee (MAC ad-hoc chair)
Eldad Perahia (Coexistence ad-hoc chair)
Yusuke Asai (Coexistence ad-hoc chaor)
Robert Stacey (again) (Multi-user MIMO ad-hoc chair)
Brian Hart (Multi-user MIMO ad-hoc chair)
Simone Merlin (MAC contribution)
Michelle Gong (MAC contribution)
Yong Liu (MAC contribution)
Hongyuan Zhang (PHY contribution)
Rolf de Vegt (PHY contribution)
Yasushi Takatori (Coexistence ad-hoc chair)
Hemanth Sampath (PHY contribution)
Yongho Seok (MAC contribution) 
Dan Harkins (Security contribution) 
Sigurd Schelstraete (PHY contribution) 
Nihar Jindal (PHY contribution) 
Edward Au (MAC contribution) 
Reza Hedayat (MAC contribution) 
Chao-Chun Wang (MAC contribution) 
Group Photograph 

Full Size Photographs

The full-size photographs are available here.


Working Group IEEE 802.11 gratefully acknowledges Richard Kennedy for taking these photographs.

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