2015-07-15 802.11's 25th Anniversary Celebration Photographs

Vic Hayes, IEEE 802.11's first Chair addressed the members by video.
His presentation was based on this submission..
These were the members present,  plus guests.
Stuart Kerry,  2nd Chair, addressed the audience using this presentation.
Bruce Kraemer,  3rd 802.11 Chair,  addressed the members with this presentation.
Adrian Stephens,  4th 802.11,  and current chair at the time of the celebration made a brief presentation.
A comment from the floow (Charlie Perkins).
A comment from the floor (Stephen McCann).  Did you know some satellites have 802.11 in them?
Closing words from Paul Nickolich,  Chair of IEEE 802.
Goodness only knows what was going on here.
Lacking an appropriate samurai sword,  the cake was cut with aplomb.
More cutting of the cake.

(Photo by Joseph Levy)
Group photo on the steps.
Another group photo on the steps.  A copy of the original published standard is held in the centre of the first line.

Full Size Photographs

The full-size photographs are available here.


Working Group IEEE 802.11 gratefully acknowledges Richard Kennedy for taking these photographs.

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