2017-03-15 TGmc Awards Photographs

Dorothy Stanley and her team of editors: Emily, Adrian and Edward
Editors' end of term.  Emily, Adrian and Edward.

The following individuals were recognized in the Awards Ceremony

Dorothy Stanley

WG Vice Chair, TGmc Chair

Adrian P. Stephens

WG Chair, TGmc editor, major comment resolution contributor

Jon Rosdahl

WG Vice Chair, TGmc Vice Chair and secretary, comment resolution contributor

Mark Hamilton

TGmc Vice Chair, significant MAC and ARC related contributions

Stephen McCann

WG Secretary, 11u related comment resolution

Edward Au

TGmc sub-Editor, TGmc comment resolution contributor

Emily Qi

TGmc sub-Editor, TGmc comment resolution contributor

Mark Rison

In recognition of major technical and comment resolution contributions

Carlos Aldana

Fine Timing Measurement contributions

Gabor Bajko

Location and FTM maintenance

Sean Coffey

2.4GHz PHY operation and comment resolution

Carlos Cordeiro

FTM and 11ad maintenance contributions

Peter Ecclesine

Comment resolution contributions

Vinko Erceg

PHY comment resolution

Matthew Fischer

11ac MAC contributions and comment resolution

Dan Harkins

Security comment resolution

Brian Hart

Fine Timing Measurement and comment resolution

Guido R. Hiertz

MAC comment resolution

David Hunter

Comprehensive comments and review

Assaf Kasher

11ad maintenance

Youhan Kim

PHY comment resolution

Jouni Malinen

Security and MAC comment resolution

Michael Montemurro

MAC comment resolution

Eldad Perahia

Physical Layer Convergence deletion and PHY comment resolution

Richard Roy

Ethertype Protocol Discrimination for OCB

Kazuyuki Sakoda

Mesh operation comment resolution

Sigurd Schelstraete

PHY operation and comment resolution

Graham Smith

2.4GHz CCA operation and MAC and PHY comment resolution

Bo Sun

PHY comment resolution contributions

Payam Torab

11ad maintenance and comment resolution

Solomon Trainin

11ad maintenance and comment resolution

Ganesh Venkatesan

Timing Measurement and Fine Timing Measurement comment resolution

Qi Wang

Traffic Filtering Service comment resolution

Menzo Wentink

11ac maintenance and MAC comment resolution

Full Size Photographs

The full-size photographs are available here.


Working Group IEEE 802.11 gratefully acknowledges Richard Kennedy for taking these photographs.

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