May 2018 Adrian Stephens Recognition Photographs

 Adrian Stephens, Dorothy Stanley
 Adrian Stephens (left) is recognized by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group chair (Dorothy Stanley, right) for his contributions to the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, including as Chair (2014-2018).
 The Cake The celebratory cake.
 Stuart Kerry, Adrian Stephens, Dorothy Stanley
Adrian Stephens (center) is joined by Stuart Kerry (left, Chair IEEE 802.11 WG 2000-2008) and  Dorothy Stanley.
 Adrian Stephens, Guido Hiertz Guido Hiertz (left) congratulates Adrian.
 Adrian Stephens, Bin Tian  Bin Tian (center) and Jonathan Segev (right) congratulate Adrian.
 Adrian Stephens, Jonathan Segev  Jonathan Segev (right) congratulates Adrian.
 Adrian Stephens, Jim Lansford  Jim Lansford (right) congratulates Adrian.
 Adrian   George Cherian congratulates Adrian.
 Adrian Stephens, Minyoung Park Minyoung Park (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Nikola SerafimovskiNikola Serafimovski (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Yongho SeokYongho Seok (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian and friendsAdrian is joined by (from left) Joseph Levy, Graham Smith, Sean Coffey, Sigurd Schelstraete and Mark Hamilton.
Adrian Stephens, Tim GodfreyTim Godfrey (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Peter YeePeter Yee (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Michael MontemurroMichael Montemurro (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Jianhua MoJianhua Mo (right) congratulates Adrian.
Jiamin Chen, Pengfei (Oliver) Luo, John LiAdrian is joined and congratulated by (from left) Jiamin Chen, Pengfei (Oliver) Luo and John Li.
Adrian Stephens, Rojan ChitrakarRojan Chitrakar (right) congratulates Adrian.
Robert Stacey, Adrian StephensRobert Stacey (left) congratulates Adrian.
Tina Stephens, Adrian Stephens, Jon RosdahlJon Rosdahl congratulates Tina Stephens and Adrian Stephens.
Stuart Kerry, Adrian StephensStuart Kerry (left, Chair IEEE 802.11 WG Chair 2000-2008) and Adrian Stephens (right, IEEE 802.11 WG chair 2014-2018).
Al Petrick, Stuart Kerry, Adrian Stephens, Jon RosdahlAl Petrick, Stuart Kerry, Adrian Stephens and Jon Rosdahl.
Jianhan Liu, Adrian Stephens, Hongyuan Zhang, Ron PoratAdrian is joined by (from left) Jianhan Liu, Hongyuan Zhang and Ron Porat.
Adrian Stephens, Al PetrickAl Petrick (right) congratulates Adrian.
Marc Emmelmann, Adrian StephensMarc Emmelmann (left) congratulates Adrian.
Allan Zhu, Adrian StephensAllan Zhu (left) congratulates Adrian.
George Calcev, Adrian StephensGeorge Calcev (left) congratulates Adrian.
Tolgay Ungan, Adrian StephensTolgay Ungan (left) congratulates Adrian.
Ganesh Venkatesan, Adrian StephensGanesh Venkatesan (left) congratulates Adrian.
Tim Jeffries, Adrian StephensTim Jeffries (left) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Matthew FischerMatthew Fischer (right) congratulates Adrian.
Zhou Lan, Adrian StephensZhou Lan (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Alfred AsterjadhiAlfred Asterjadhi (right) congratulates Adrian.
Juan-Carlos Zuniga, Adrian StephensJuan-Carlos Zuiga (right) congratulates Adrian.
Po-Kai Huang, Adrian StephensPo-Kai Huang (left) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Erik LindskogErik Lindskog (right) congratulates Adrian.
Adrian Stephens, Dan HarkinsDan Harkins (right) congratulates Adrian.
Amelia Andersdotter, Adrian StephensAmelia Andersdotter (right) congratultes Adrian.

Full Size Photographs

The full-size photographs are available here.


Working Group IEEE 802.11 gratefully acknowledges Chunhui (Allan) Zhu for taking these photographs.

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