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Vienna, Austria     Wednesday 17 July 2019

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Workshop Background and Motivation

Unlicensed spectrum has proven to be a source of very significant socio-economic benefits around the globe, starting in about 1999. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently estimated that the current global economic value of Wi-Fi operating in unlicensed spectrum (2.4GHz and 5GHz) is almost $2 trillion per annum. 

By its nature, unlicensed spectrum is a resource for sharing by everyone. In the near future, it is hoped that the 6GHz band will be made available globally for unlicensed use. It is vital that all technologies, including IEEE 802.11ax (currently being standardised by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group) and 3GPP NR-U (currently being standardised by 3GPP RAN), share the 6GHz band in a fair and efficient manner. 

The Coexistence Workshop has no decision making authority. It is hoped that workshop discussions will result in 3GPP RAN and the IEEE 802.11 Working Group making better informed decisions that promote mutually beneficial coexistence.


The IEEE 802.11 Working Group are delighted to invite any interested stakeholders (including technology providers, solution providers, operators and users) to participate in a one day Coexistence Workshop being organized by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, in collaboration with 3GPP RAN, in Vienna, Austria on 17 July 2019.

The primary objective of the Coexistence Workshop is to discuss issues related to fair and efficient shared operation by IEEE 802.11ax High Efficiency WLAN), IEEE 802.11be (Extremely High Throughhput) and 3GPP NR-U (New Radio Unlicensed) in the 6Ghz band, including:

       Sharing information on plans for use of future technology standards (particularly IEEE 802.11 and 3GPP NR-U) in the 6 GHz band

       Assessing coexistence issues and topics related to the simultaneous use of IEEE 802.11 and 3GPP NR-U technologies in the 6 GHz band, including coexistence criteria and mechanisms

       Discussing other related coexistence topics of interest, including deployment experience of 3GPP LAA/eLAA coexistence with IEEE 802.11ac in the 5GHz band.

The following organizations accepted invitations to present at the Coexistence Workshop accepted by the following  industry and standards organizations::

·     3GPP RAN & 3GPP RAN1

·     Wireless Broadband Alliance



Workshop Agenda

The Coexistence Workshop agenda will include:

              Welcome and Introduction to the Coexistence Workshop

                   Invited standardisation updates

    o   IEEE 802.11ax status

    o   3GPP NR-U status including summaries of Coexistence discussion and decisions 

    o   IEEE 802.11be  plans

                    Invited regulatory update

    o   Brief update on the availability of the 6GHz band for unlicensed use

                Deployment update

    o   Short papers on coexistence experience between 3GPP LAA and IEEE 802.11ac in the 5GHz band

             Coexistence topics

    o   Short papers on any aspect relevant to the Coexistence Workshop’s goals

                Summary of the Coexistence Workshop

    o   Next steps

Workshop Papers are available in the Agenda

Workshop Logistics

Registration is closed.

          Workshop Duration: 13:00 to 21:00

                 Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

                  Location: Melia Hotel Vienna, Vienna, Austria

        There is a limit of 140 attendees, so please respect this and plan to come and actively participate.

IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting

IEEE 802.11 is hosting the Coexistence Workshop during the same week as the IEEE 802 July 2019 Plenary meeting, in adjacent locations. Attendees at the Coexistence Workshop are welcome to  attend the IEEE 802 Plenary meeting, with a separate registration required (see IEEE 802.11 Meeting Schedule for details).

Workshop Sponsors

IEEE 802.11 WG gratefully acknowledges the following Coexistence Workshop Sponsors for their support. 

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Dorothy Stanley, IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
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