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[STDS-802-11-AANI] Status of the IEEE 802.11 WG Ls on the role of WLAN in IMT-2020

Dear All,


As you may be aware the liaison drafted by the AANI SC and approved by the working group was sent to 3GPP RAN TSG and 3GPP SA TSG, by Adrian Stephens (IEEE 802.11 WG Chair) on behalf of the IEEE 802.11 WG, over the weekend.   The liaison was discussed at the 3GPP RAN TSG meeting that is currently ongoing in New Orleans, US.  Below is an excerpt from the draft 3GPP RAN meeting report, note the liaison in document 11-16/1101r10 was assigned a RAN document number RP-161804.  If I may summarize the discussion:


1.       3GPP RAN TSG does see some benefit in the radio-level integration between 3GPP/NR and 802.11 system

2.       3GPP RAN TSG will rely on 3GPP PCG (Project Coordination Group), the highest decision making body in 3GPP,, to make the decision on how/if RAN and 802.11 can cooperate.


The 3GPP SA meeting does not start until tomorrow 21 September and ends Friday 23 September.   We will have to wait and see if 3GPP SA will discuss the liaison and what their discussion/decisions are, if any.


Also please note that the 3GPP PCG meeting will be occurring on 20 October, in London, UK and they will likely have a discussion on how 3GPP RAN TSG and IEEE 802.11 WG can/should cooperate.


Excerpt from the draft 3GPP RAN TSG “meeting report”, note this is not an approved RAN document, regarding the discussions on the floor during the debate of the LS in the RAN meeting on the 19 September:


RP-161804   IEEE 802.11 Working Group Liaison on the role of WLAN in IMT-2020                                      IEEE 802.11

                   (IEEE 802.11-16/1101r10; to: RAN, SA; cc: IEEE 802 EC, IEEE 802.1 WG;

                   contact: IEEE 802.11 WG Chair)

                   received on 17.09.2016; RAN action requested

                    presented by Broadcom

                    RAN chair: Coordinated with Erik (SA chairman) and Adrian (PCG secretary). The LS will be answered in two


                    1.  From Technology standpoint, TSGs should discuss whether it is desirable to consider mechanisms that can

                    further/better integrate 3GPP and 802.11 systems, at radio level (RAN) and core network level (SA). And report to


                    2.  PCG should then discuss how the two groups can cooperate.


                    If we can, we could answer on the first point.

                    Intel: We included WLAN interworking already

                    Ericsson: we have the requirement for NR and WLAN interworking already so no doubt about this

                    Qualcomm: what is "better integration and interworking" is not so clear from the LS


                    RAN chair: So from RAN point of view: "From RAN point of view it is desirable to discuss radio-level integration

                    between 3GPP/NR and 802.11"?

                    Deutsche Telekom: we need to avoid multiple solutions

                    Nokia: to point 1. we do not need to report to PCG

                    RAN chair: this is just reporting as usual from RAN as PCG has not received this LS

                    BT: what is the point of 2.? We are interworking already with IEEE.

                    RAN chair: submission to ITU-R is done by OPs and so this is a novelty to have a joint submission

                    Ruckus: interest to work jointly together not as an individual

                    RAN chair: yes, an MoU can only be discussed at PCG

                    Qualcomm: LS talks about aggregation not integration, radio level interworking is probably a better term

                    Nokia: what is the motivation of the IEEE proposal?

                    RAN chair: So regarding 1. can we agree: From RAN point if view it is desirable to discuss radio-level integration

                    between 3GPP/NR and 802.11 system?

                    Intel: IEEE had a committee to discuss options for submission for ITU-R, they had 4 options and the committee

                    suggested a joint proposal

                    Ericsson: for LAA we went through the interworking already and the tools we have (exchanging LSs and rapporteurs)

                    were already successful

                    Telecom Italia: joint cooperation with IEEE is useful

                    Blackberry: supports also joint cooperation with IEEE 802.11, are we sending an LS from RAN?

                    RAN chair: no, will inform PCG about the outcome from RAN and they can then decide how to go forward

                    Huawei: no joint submission indicated in the LS

                    RAN chair: it is clear from the LS

                    Broadcom: SA2 is organizing a workshop with BBF on fixed-mobile ocnvergene is one example for cooperation


                    conclusion: RAN chair will inform PCG about RAN conclusion: From RAN point of view it is desirable to discuss

                    radio-level integration between 3GPP/NR and 802.11 system.

                                                                                                                                               The document was noted.





Joseph Levy (InterDigital)

IEEE 802.11 AANI SC Chair