This page shows information for IEEE P802.11 Voter, Potential Voter, Aspirant, Ex Officio members, as of  2021-07-29.

Note that this information is updated only after each 802.11 face-to-face session or working group letter ballot series.

The fields in the membership list have the following meaning

Column Description

The Status column has the following meaning:

  • Voter - the member can vote
  • Potential voter - the member will have a voting token at the next face-to-face meeting and will become a voter after that meeting
  • Aspirant - the member has recorded attendance at one qualifying meeting
  • Ex Officio - the member is a voter by virtue of their membership of the IEEE 802 executive committee (EC).

Members of all these status are entitled to join 802.11 email reflectors and submit documents to the 802.11 document server.

 Additional information (related to expiry of attendance and missed ballots) is available in the members area.  This information is not made public.

Please verify your affiliation.

There is a specific requirement in the IEEE-SA policies and procedures that attendees at its meetings disclose
their affiliation.  Attendees failing properly to do so risk losing the privileges of membership (i.e., voting rights).

For information from the IEEE-SA on affiliations please click here.
Affiliation is not shown for Ex-Voters. For other membership statuses, if there is no affiliation beside your name or if the affiliation is incorrect please follow these instructions.
If you have any related questions, please contact Dorothy Stanley at


Member Status Count
Aspirant 95
ExOfficio 11
Potential Voter 41
Voter 467


Family Name Given Name MI Affiliation Status
Abdelaal Rana Broadcom Corporation Voter
AbidRabbu Shaima' Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Abouelseoud Mohamed Sony Corporation Voter
Aboulmagd Osama S Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Abushattal Abdelrahman Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Adachi Tomoko TOSHIBA Corporation Voter
Adhikari Shubhodeep Broadcom Corporation Voter
Agarwal Peyush Broadcom Corporation Voter
Agrawal abhishek ON Semiconductor Voter
Agrawal Sandeep Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) Voter
Ahn Woojin WILUS Aspirant
Aio Kosuke Sony Corporation Voter
Ajami Abdel Karim Qualcomm Incorporated Aspirant
Akhmetov Dmitry Intel Corporation Voter
AKHTAR NADEEM Arista Networks, Inc. Aspirant
Al Falujah Iyad ON Semiconductor Potential Voter
Alayasra Musab Medipol University; Vestel Aspirant
Aldana Carlos H Facebook Voter
Alexander Danny Intel Corporation Voter
Allegue Martinez Michel Aerial Technologies Inc. Voter
Alpert Yaron Texas Instruments Inc. Aspirant
Amalladinne Vamsi Qualcomm Incorporated Aspirant
Ambede Abhishek Ericsson AB Voter
An Song-Haur INDEPENDENT Voter
ANANDAKUMAR KRISHNASAMY Maxlinear Inc Potential Voter
Andersdotter Amelia None - Self-funded Voter
Ansley Carol Cox Communications Inc. Voter
Anwyl Gary MediaTek Inc. Voter
Arlandis Diego Maxlinear Corp Voter
Arregui Antonio Maxlinear Voter
Arrington Arthur Air Network Solutions Voter
Asai Yusuke NTT Voter
Asterjadhi Alfred Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Au Kwok Shum S Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Au Oscar Origin Wireless Voter
Auluck Vijay Self Voter
Avallone Stefano University of Napoli Aspirant
Avital Ziv MaxLinear Voter
Avrillon Matthieu Luceor Voter
Awater Geert A Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Aygul Mehmet Vestel Voter
B Hari Ram NXP Semiconductors Voter
Badenes Agustin Maxlinear Corp Voter
Bahn Christy IEEE STAFF Aspirant
Baik Eugene Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Bajko Gabor MediaTek Inc. Voter
Banerjea Raja Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Bankov Dmitry IITP RAS Voter
Bapat Sanjay Maxlinear Aspirant
baron stephane Canon Research Centre France Voter
Barr David MaxLinear Voter
Batra Anuj Apple, Inc. Voter
Baykas Tuncer Kadir Has University, Hyperion Technologies Voter
Beg Chris Cognitive Systems Corp. Voter
Bei Jianwei NXP Semiconductors Voter
Ben Arie Yaron Toga networks (a huawei company) Voter
Berens Friedbert FBConsulting Sarl Voter
Berger Christian NXP Semiconductors Voter
Berkema Alan HP Inc. Voter
Berner Stephan PureLiFi Voter
Bhandaru Nehru Broadcom Corporation Voter
Bims Harry Bims Laboratories, Inc. Voter
Bluschke Andreas Signify Voter
Bober Lennert Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute Voter
Boldy David Broadcom Corporation Voter
Bouchet Olivier Orange Voter
Bravo Daniel Intel Corporation Voter
Bredewoud Albert Broadcom Corporation Voter
Calcev George Huawei R&D USA Aspirant
Camps Soriano Carlos MaxLinear Corp Aspirant
Canchi Radhakrishna Kyocera International Inc Voter
Cao Rui NXP Semiconductors Voter
Cariou Laurent Intel Corporation Voter
Carney William Sony Group Corporation Voter
Cavalcanti Dave Intel Corporation Voter
Cepni Gurkan Apple, Inc. Voter
Cha Jaesun Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Aspirant
CHAN YEE Facebook Voter
Chang Chen-Yi Mediatek Aspirant
Chao Yi-Ling NXP Semiconductors Aspirant
Chaplin Clint F Self ExOfficio
Chayat Naftali Vayyar Imaging Voter
Chemrov Kirill IITP RAS Aspirant
Chen Chaoliang iComm Semiconductor Potential Voter
Chen Cheng Intel Corporation Voter
Chen Cheng-Ming Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Chen Evelyn Ericsson AB Voter
chen jindou Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Chen Na Self Voter
Chen Xiaogang Intel Corporation Voter
Cheng Paul MediaTek Inc. Voter
cheng phoebe MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Cheng Xilin NXP Semiconductors Voter
CHERIAN GEORGE Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Chiang James MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Chitrakar Rojan Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Voter
Chiu Lin-Kai MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Choi Jinsoo LG ELECTRONICS Voter
Choo Seungho Senscomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Voter
Chu Liwen NXP Semiconductors Voter
Chung Bruce Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Voter
Chung Chulho SAMSUNG Voter
Ciochina Dana Sony Corporation Voter
Coffey John Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Voter
Cohn Daniel Intel Corporation Aspirant
Cordeiro Carlos Intel Corporation Voter
Cortes Diana Google Aspirant
Costa D.Nelson Peraso Technologies Incorporated Voter
da Silva Claudio Intel Corporation Voter
Das Dibakar Intel Corporation Voter
Das Subir Perspecta Labs Inc ExOfficio
Dash Debashis Apple, Inc. Voter
Dauphinee Leonard MAXLINEAR INC Voter
Davies Robert Signify Voter
de Vegt Rolf J Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
DeLaOlivaDelgado Antonio InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Derham Thomas Broadcom Corporation Voter
Di Taranto Rocco Ericsson AB Voter
Ding Baokun Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Ding Yanyi Panasonic corporation Voter
DOAN DUNG Qualcomm Incorporated Potential Voter
Dogukan Ali Vestel Voter
Dong mingjie Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Aspirant
Dong Xiandong Xiaomi Inc. Voter
Doostnejad Roya Intel Corporation Aspirant
Du Rui Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Du Zhenguo Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Duan Ruchen SAMSUNG Voter
Ecclesine Peter Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Edgar Richard Imagination Technologies Ltd. Voter
Eitan Alecsander Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
ElSherif Ahmed Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Emmelmann Marc Self Employed / Koden-TI / Fraunhofer FOKUS Voter
Erceg Vinko Broadcom Corporation Voter
Erell Assaf Vayyar Imaging Ltd. Voter
Fang Juan Intel Corporation Voter
Fang Yonggang MediaTek Inc. Voter
feng Shuling MediaTek Inc. Voter
Feng Xiang Keysight Technologies Voter
Ferruz David Maxlinear Corp Voter
Fischer Matthew J Broadcom Corporation Voter
Fletcher Paul Samsung Cambridge Solution Center Voter
Fridman Roi Vayyar Imaging Ltd Potential Voter
Furuichi Sho Sony Group Corporation Voter
Gan Ming Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Ganwani Vijay NXP Semiconductors Voter
Gao Zhigang Cisco Systems, Inc. Aspirant
Gardner James Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Garg Lalit Broadcom Corporation Voter
Ghaderipoor Alireza MediaTek Inc. Voter
Ghosh Chittabrata Facebook, Inc. Voter
Gidvani Ravi SAMSUNG Voter
Gilb James P General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., University of San Diego ExOfficio
Godbole sachin Broadcom Corporation Potential Voter
Godfrey Tim Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI) ExOfficio
Gong Bo Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
GOTO Fumihide DENSO Voter
Grandhe Niranjan NXP Semiconductors Voter
Grigat Michael Deutsche Telekom AG Voter
Gu Xiangxin UNISOC Potential Voter
GUIGNARD Romain Canon Research Centre France Voter
Guntupalli Lakshmikanth Ericsson AB Voter
Guo Yuchen Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Gupta Raghvendra Broadcom Corporation Aspirant
Gurevitz Assaf INTEL Aspirant
Haider Muhammad Kumail Facebook Voter
Hall Robert Carrier corporation Voter
Hamilton Mark Ruckus/CommScope Voter
HAN CHONG pureLiFi Voter
Han Jonghun SAMSUNG Voter
HAN Xiao Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Han Zhiqiang ZTE Corporation Voter
Handte Thomas Sony Corporation Voter
Hansen Christopher J Covariant Corporation Voter
Harkins Daniel N Hewlett Packard Enterprise Voter
Harrison Edward Anritsu Company Voter
Hart Brian D Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Haskou Abdullah InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Hayes Victor CONSULTANT Voter
Henry Jerome Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Hernandez Marco National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Potential Voter
hervieu Lili Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (CableLabs) Voter
Hiertz Guido R Ericsson GmbH Voter
Hirata Ryuichi Sony Group Corporation Voter
Hiroki Shigeru Canon Voter
Ho Duncan Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Hoffman Damian Vayyar Imaging Aspirant
Holcomb Jay Itron Inc. ExOfficio
Holland Oliver Advanced Wireless Technology Group, Ltd. Voter
Hong Hanseul WILUS Inc. Voter
Hsiao Ching-Wen MediaTek Inc. Voter
Hsieh Hung-Tao MediaTek Inc. Voter
Hsu Chien-Fang MediaTek Inc. Voter
Hsu Mengta Mediatek Aspirant
Hu Chunyu Facebook Voter
Hu Glenn Tencent Aspirant
Hu Mengshi Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
HUANG CHIHAN MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Huang Guogang Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Huang Lei Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd Voter
Huang Po-Kai Intel Corporation Voter
Huang Xiaolong Qualcomm Incorporated Aspirant
Hurtarte Jeorge Teradyne, Inc. Voter
Hwang Sung Hyun H Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Aspirant
Ibrahim Ahmed Samsung Research America Aspirant
Ibrahim Mostafa SAMSUNG Voter
IDO Tetsuo Canon Voter
Ikegami Tetsushi Meiji University Voter
Inohiza Hirohiko Canon Voter
Inoue Yasuhiko Self Voter
Iranzo Salvador MaxLinear Corp Voter
Izquierdo Eduardo Maxlinear Corp Voter
Jeffries Timothy Futurewei Technologies Voter
Ji Chenhe Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Jia Jia Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
jiang feng Apple Inc. Voter
Jiang Jinjing Apple, Inc. Voter
Jianxun Xu TP-Link Corporation Limited Aspirant
Joh Hanjin KT Corp. Aspirant
Jones Allan Activision Voter
Jones Steven Samsung Cambridge Solution Center Potential Voter
Jones Vincent Knowles IV Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
JUNG MYUNG CHEUL KEA (Korea Electronics Association) Voter
Jungnickel Volker Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute Voter
Kadampot Ishaque Ashar Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Kain Carl W USDOT; Noblis, Inc. Voter
Kakani Naveen K Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
kamath Manoj Broadcom Corporation Voter
Kamel Mahmoud InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Kandala Srinivas SAMSUNG Voter
Kang HaoHua MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Kang Hyunduk Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Aspirant
KANG Kyu-Min Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Voter
Kang Sugbong Apple, Inc. Voter
Kasher Assaf Y Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Kedem Oren MaxLinear Potential Voter
Kennedy Richard H IEEE member / Self Employed Potential Voter
Kenney John TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center U.S.A. Voter
Keren Rani Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Aspirant
Kerry Stuart J OK-Brit; Self Voter
Khan Naseem Leidos Engineering. LLC Voter
Khude Nilesh NXP Semiconductors Voter
Kim Eunhee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Aspirant
Kim Jeongki Self Voter
Kim Myeong-Jin SAMSUNG Voter
kim namyeong LG ELECTRONICS Voter
Kim Sang Gook LG ELECTRONICS Voter
Kim Sanghyun WILUS Inc. Voter
Kim Yongho Korea National University of Transportation Voter
Kim Youhan Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Kim Youn-Kwan Sync Techno Voter
Kinney Patrick Kinney Consulting LLC ExOfficio
Kishida Akira Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Voter
Kitazawa Shoichi Muroran IT Voter
Klein Arik Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Klimakov Andrey Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
KNECKT JARKKO Apple, Inc. Voter
Ko Geonjung WILUS Institute Voter
Kondo Yoshihisa Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) Voter
Koundourakis Michail Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre Potential Voter
Kozarev Aleksandra MaxLinear Corp Voter
Kraemer Bruce P Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. Voter
kristem vinod Intel Corporation Aspirant
Kumar Manish NXP Semiconductors Voter
Kuo Chih-Chun MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Kureev Aleksey IITP RAS Voter
Kwak Jin-Sam WILUS Inc. Voter
Kwon Young Hoon H NXP Semiconductors Voter
Lal Kunal Synaptics Incorporated Aspirant
Lalam Massinissa SAGEMCOM SAS Voter
Lan Zhou Broadcom Corporation Voter
Lanante Leonardo Kyushu Institute of Technology Aspirant
Lansford James Qualcomm Incorporated; University of Colorado at Boulder Voter
Le Houerou Brice Canon Research Centre France Potential Voter
Lee Hong Won LG ELECTRONICS Potential Voter
Lee Hyeong Ho Netvision Telecom Inc. Voter
Lee Il-Gu Sungshin University Potential Voter
Lee Jae Seung S Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Voter
Lee Nancy Signify Voter
Lee Wookbong SAMSUNG Voter
Lepp James None - Self-funded Voter
Levitsky Ilya IITP RAS Voter
Levy Joseph InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Li Bo Northwestern Polytechnical University Voter
Li Guoqing Facebook Voter
Li Jialing Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Voter
Li Jianhui Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Li Nan ZTE Corporation Voter
Li Qinghua Intel Corporation Voter
Li Yanchun Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Li Yiqing Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Li Yunbo Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Liang dandan Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Aspirant
lim taesung LG ELECTRONICS Potential Voter
Lin Hsin-De MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Lin Wei Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Lin Zinan InterDigital, Inc. Potential Voter
Lindskog Erik SAMSUNG Voter
LIU CHENCHEN Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Liu Der-Zheng Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Voter
Liu Jeff Broadcom Corporation Voter
Liu Jianfei Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Liu Jianhan MediaTek Inc. Voter
Liu Ying NXP Semiconductors Potential Voter
Liu Yong Apple, Inc. Voter
Loginov Vyacheslav IITP RAS Voter
Lopez Miguel Ericsson AB Voter
Lorgeoux Mikael Canon Research Centre France Voter
Lou Hanqing InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Lou Hui-Ling NXP Semiconductors Voter
Lu Kaiying MediaTek Inc. Voter
Lu Liuming Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd Voter
LU Yuxin Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Potential Voter
Lumbatis Kurt CommScope, Inc. Potential Voter
Luo Chaoming Beijing OPPO telecommunications corp., ltd. Voter
Lv Lily Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Lyakh Mikhail ON Semiconductor Potential Voter
Ma Li MediaTek Inc. Voter
Ma Mengyao Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Madpuwar Girish Broadcom Corporation Voter
Mai Huiheng Blu Wireless Technology Ltd Aspirant
Malichenko Dmitrii ON Semiconductor Aspirant
Malinen Jouni K Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Manakkal Raja Rajesh Broadcom Corporation Aspirant
Mano Hiroshi Koden Techno Info K.K. Voter
Marks Roger EthAirNet Associates ExOfficio
Martinez Vazquez Marcos MaxLinear Corp Voter
Mashimo Hiroshi Canon Aspirant
Max Sebastian Ericsson AB Voter
Mazor Nadav Vayyar Ltd Aspirant
Mccann Stephen Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Mcconnell Ray bluwireless technology Voter
Medda Daniele International Hellenic University Aspirant
Mehrnoush Morteza Facebook Voter
MELZER Ezer Toga Networks, a Huawei company Voter
Memisoglu Ebubekir Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Merlin Simone Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Minotani Jun Panasonic Corporation Voter
Mirfakhraei Khashayar Zeku Voter
Mody Apurva BAE Systems ExOfficio
Moelker Dignus-Jan Broadcom Corporation Voter
Mohanty Bibhu Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
molev shteiman arkady Zeku Inc. Aspirant
Monajemi Pooya Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Montemurro Michael Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Montreuil Leo Broadcom Corporation Voter
Moon Juseong Korea National University of Transportation Voter
Morioka Hitoshi SRC Software Voter
Motozuka Hiroyuki Panasonic Corporation Voter
Mueller Robert Technische Universitaet Ilmenau Voter
Murphy Rick vLogic, Inc. Potential Voter
Murti Wisnu SeoulTech Voter
Myles Andrew Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Nagai Yukimasa Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Voter
nagata kengo Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Voter
Naik Gaurang Qualcomm Incorporated Potential Voter
Nakano Hiroki CAHI Corporation; Kyoto University Voter
Nakano Takayuki Panasonic Corporation Aspirant
Nam Junyoung Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Namboodiri Vamadevan SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Potential Voter
Nandagopalan SAI SHANKAR S Infineon Technologies Voter
Naribole Sharan Apple, Inc. Voter
Nassiri Toussi Karim Broadcom Corporation Voter
Nayak Peshal Samsung Research America Aspirant
Nezou Patrice Canon Research Centre France Voter
Ng Boon Loong Samsung Research America Potential Voter
Ngo Kien Palermo University; VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Aspirant
Nguyen An U.S. Department of Homeland Security Voter
Nikolich Paul SAMSUNG ExOfficio
Noh Yujin Senscomm Voter
Nurani Krishnan Neelakantan Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Oh Hyun Seo S Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Voter
Ohsawa Tomoki NICT Aspirant
Okada Hiraku Nagoya University Voter
Omar Hassan Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Oren Elad Intel Corporation Aspirant
Orlik Philip Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) Aspirant
Orlovsky Michael Vayyar Imaging LTD. Potential Voter
Orr Stephen Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
Ouchi Masatomo Canon Voter
Oyama Satoshi Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) Voter
Ozbakis Basak VESTEL Electronics Corp. Voter
Ozpoyraz Burak Vestel Aspirant
Palayur Saju Maxlinear Inc Voter
Palm Stephen Broadcom Corporation Voter
Pan Chun Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Pare Thomas MediaTek Inc. Voter
Paredes Otilio Maxlinear Corp Aspirant
Parekh Jatin Arista Networks, Inc. Voter
Park Eunsung LG ELECTRONICS Voter
Park Minyoung Intel Corporation Voter
Parsons Glenn Ericsson AB ExOfficio
Patil Abhishek Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Patkar Raghavendra NI (National Instruments Corporation) Aspirant
Patwardhan Gaurav Hewlett Packard Enterprise Voter
Peng Ronny MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Perahia Eldad Hewlett Packard Enterprise Voter
Perlmutter Uri Intel Corporation Aspirant
PESIN ANTHONY InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Petranovich James E ViaSat, Inc. Voter
petrick Albert Jones-Petrick and Associates, LLC. Voter
Petry Brian Broadcom Corporation Voter
Pettersson Charlie Ericsson AB Voter
Pirhonen Riku NXP Semiconductors Voter
Popov Mark Vayyar Aspirant
Porat Ron Broadcom Corporation Voter
Prabhakaran Dinakar Broadcom Corporation Voter
Puducheri Srinath Broadcom Corporation Voter
Pulikkoonattu Rethnakaran Broadcom Corporation Voter
Purwita Ardimas University of Edinburgh Aspirant
Pushkarna Rajat Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Voter
Qi Emily H Intel Corporation Voter
QIU WEI Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Potential Voter
Rafique Saira Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Rai Kapil Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Raissinia Alireza Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Ranganath Ashok SAMSUNG Aspirant
Rantala Enrico-Henrik Nokia Voter
Ratnam Vishnu Samsung Research America Aspirant
Redlich Oded Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Rege Kiran Perspecta Labs Voter
Regev Dror Toga Networks (a Huawei Company) Voter
REICH MOR Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Reshef Ehud Intel Corporation Aspirant
Rezk Meriam Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Riegel Maximilian Nokia Voter
Rison Mark Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre Voter
Robert Joerg TU Ilmenau, Fraunhofer IIS Voter
Rolfe Benjamin Blind Creek Associates Voter
Rosdahl Jon W Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Voter
Roy Richard SRA International Aspirant
Roy Sayak NXP Semiconductors Voter
Ryan Mike Ford Motor Company Aspirant
Ryan Stuart Blu Wireless Technology Ltd. Aspirant
Ryu Kiseon Ofinno Aspirant
Sadeghi Bahareh Intel Corporation Voter
Sakamoto Takenori Panasonic Corporation Voter
Sakoda Kazuyuki Sony Corporation Voter
Salem Mohamed Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Salman Hanadi Istanbul Medipol University; VESTEL Voter
Sambasivan Sam AT&T Voter
Sand Stephan German Aerospace Center (DLR) Voter
Sandhu Shivraj Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Sarris Ioannis u-blox Voter
Sato Naotaka Sony Group Corporation Voter
Satrasala Rajeshwari NXP Semiconductors Aspirant
Schelstraete Sigurd Maxlinear Voter
Schiessl Sebastian Apple, Inc. Voter
Schmidhammer Martin German Aerospace Center (DLR) Voter
Scott Andy NCTA Voter
Sedin Jonas Ericsson AB Voter
Segev Jonathan Intel Corporation Voter
Seok Joseph Self Aspirant
Seok Yongho MediaTek Inc. Voter
Serafimovski Nikola pureLiFi Voter
Sethi Ankit NXP Semiconductors Voter
Sevin Julien Canon Research Centre France Voter
Shafin Rubayet Samsung Research America Potential Voter
Shah Kunal Itron Inc. Voter
Shellhammer Stephen J Qualcomm Incorporated ExOfficio
Shen Xiaoman Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Aspirant
Sherlock Ian Texas Instruments Inc. Voter
Shilo Shimi Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Shor Gadi Intel Corporation Aspirant
Sinn Ulrich Siemens AG Voter
Siyari Peyman Qualcomm Incorporated Aspirant
Smely Di Dieter Kapsch TrafficCom AG Potential Voter
Smith Graham K SR Technologies Voter
Solaija Muhammad Sohaib Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Son Ju-Hyung WILUS Inc. Voter
Song Hao Intel Corporation Aspirant
Song Taewon LG ELECTRONICS Aspirant
Sosack Robert Molex Incorporated Voter
Srinivasa Sudhir NXP Semiconductors Voter
Srinivasan Shree Raman Qualcomm Incorporated Potential Voter
Stacey Robert Intel Corporation Voter
Stahl Diskin Nir Broadcom Corporation Aspirant
Stanley Dorothy Hewlett Packard Enterprise Voter
Startsev Ivan IITP Voter
Stavridis Athanasios Ericsson AB Voter
Stepanov Max Intel Voter
Stephens Adrian P Self Voter
Stott Noel Keysight Technologies Voter
Strauch Paul Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Su Hang Broadcom Corporation Voter
SU HONGJIA Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Suh JUNG HOON H Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Sumi Takenori Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Voter
Sun Bo ZTE Corporation Voter
Sun Li-Hsiang Sony Corporation Voter
sun sheng Huawei Technologies Canada; Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Sun Yanjun Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Sun Yingxiang Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Sundaram Rajesh Broadcom Corporation Aspirant
Sundman Dennis Ericsson AB Voter
SURACI FRANK U.S. Department of Homeland Security Voter
Tadahal Shivkumar Broadcom Corporation Aspirant
Takai Mineo Space-Time Engineering Voter
Tan Danny Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Tanaka Yusuke Sony Group Corporation Voter
Teran Jesus Gutierrez IHP GmbH Voter
THOUMY Francois Canon Potential Voter
Tian Bin Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Tian Tao Apple, Inc. Voter
Tolpin Alexander Intel Corporation Voter
Tomoyuki Takada Canon Voter
Torab Jahromi Payam Facebook Voter
Torrijo Alejandro MaxLinear Corp Voter
Trainin Solomon B Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
TSAI FU YU MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Tsai Tsung-Han MediaTek Inc. Voter
Tsodik Genadiy Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Tsujimaru Yuki Canon Inc. Potential Voter
Tugtekin Omer VESTEL Electronics Corp. Aspirant
Turkmen Halise Vestel Voter
Uln Kiran Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Voter
Umehara Makoto Canon Voter
Ungan Tolgay endiio GmbH Aspirant
Unterhuber Paul German Aerospace Center (DLR) Voter
Urabe Yoshio Panasonic Corporation Voter
Van Nee Richard D Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
van Wageningen Andries Signify Voter
Van Zelst Allert Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Varshney Prabodh Nokia Voter
Venkatesan Ganesh Intel Corporation Voter
Verenzuela Daniel Sony Corporation Voter
Verma Lochan Apple Inc. Voter
Verma Sindhu Broadcom Corporation Voter
Vermani Sameer Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Voter
Vicent Colonques Santiago Maxlinear Corp Voter
VIGER Pascal Canon Research Centre France Voter
Vituri Shlomi Intel Corporation Potential Voter
Wang Chao Chun MediaTek Inc. Voter
Wang Hao Tencent Voter
Wang Huizhao Quantenna Communications, Inc. Voter
Wang Jue ZTE Corporation Aspirant
Wang Lei Futurewei Technologies Voter
Wang Pu Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) Voter
Wang Qi Apple, Inc. Voter
WangSteven QiHuawei Technologies Co., LtdVoter
Wang Xiaofei InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Wang Yi-Hsiu Zeku Voter
Want Roy Google Voter
Ward Lisa Rohde & Schwarz Voter
Wei Dong NXP Semiconductors Aspirant
Wendt Matthias Signify Voter
Wentink Menzo M Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Wilhelmsson Leif Ericsson AB Voter
Winser Paul Blu Wireless Voter
Wizenberg Reut Vayyar Imaging Aspirant
Wu Changqiang TP-Link Corporation Limited Aspirant
Wu Hao XGIMI Technology Co.Ltd Potential Voter
Wu Kanke Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Wu Tianyu Apple, Inc. Voter
Wu Wayne MediaTek Inc. Aspirant
Wullert John Perspecta Labs Voter
Xiao Bo ZTE Corporation Potential Voter
Xin Liangxiao Sony Corporation Voter
Xin Yan Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Xu Yanchao Zeku Aspirant
Xue Qi Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Xue Ruifeng Cisco Systems, Inc. Voter
YAGHOOBI HASSAN Intel Corporation Voter
Yan Aiguo Zeku Voter
Yan Zhongjiang Northwestern Polytechnical University Voter
Yang Bo Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Yang Jay Nokia Voter
Yang Lin Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Yang Mao Northwestern Polytechnical University Voter
YANG RUI InterDigital, Inc. Voter
Yang Steve TS MediaTek Inc. Voter
Yang Xun Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Yang Yunsong Futurewei Technologies Voter
Yano Kazuto Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) Voter
Yarkoni Sol Vayyar ltd. Aspirant
Yee James MediaTek Inc. Voter
Yee Peter NSA-CSD Voter
Yi Yongjiang Spreadtrum Communication USA Inc. Voter
Yokoyama Takahiro Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) Potential Voter
Yona Yair Qualcomm Incorporated Aspirant
Yong Su Khiong K Apple, Inc. Aspirant
Yoo Homin LG ELECTRONICS Potential Voter
Yoon Jeonghwan LG ELECTRONICS Potential Voter
Yoshikawa Yuki Canon Voter
Young Christopher Broadcom Corporation Voter
Yu Heejung Korea University Voter
Yu Jian Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Yu Mao Anyka Voter
Yuan Fangchao Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Yukawa Mitsuyoshi Canon, Inc. Aspirant
ZEGRAR Salah Eddine Istanbul Medipol University; Vestel Voter
Zein Nader NEC Europe Voter
Zeng Ruochen NXP Semiconductors Voter
Zeng Yan Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Zhang Hongyuan NXP Semiconductors Voter
ZHANG JIAYIN Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Zhang Meihong Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Zhang Yan NXP Semiconductors Voter
Zhang Yuqiang XGIMI Technology Co.Ltd Aspirant
Zheng Xiayu NXP Semiconductors Voter
Zhou Pei Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd Potential Voter
Zhou Yifan Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Voter
Zhu Peiying Huawei Technologies Canada; Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Potential Voter
Zou Tristan Qualcomm Incorporated Voter
Zuo Xin Tencent Voter

How do I specify my affiliation?

Affiliation is recorded in the IEEE myProject system at the Sponsor level, the Working Group level, and the Project level.

The affiliation shown above is updated from the IEEE-SA registration data after each session you attend.

To enter affiliation initially:

To modify your affiliation in a committee that you already enrolled in:

If you change your affiliation using the myProject system please also send an email to the Working Group Chair (Dorothy Stanley at 

(Any changes may also often require the changing of emails in the 802.11 email reflectors, 
which can be done by the Working Group 2nd Vice Chair (Robert Stacey) at the same time.)


How do I specify my employer?

There is no specific requirement in the IEEE-SA policies and procedures to disclose your employer.

Employer is asked for once in myProject.

To view or update your employer :

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